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Tarika Technologies Is In The Business Of Making You Look Good

Posted by Valerie Nolan on February 1, 2013

Has your camera crew ever had to capture live presentations? Imagine an event where you are watching a speaker who is teaching you something new and exciting using a captivating PowerPoint presentation.

Yes, it’s true. PowerPoint can be captivating. How do I know? Because our team at Tarika Technologies has crafted eye-catching, animated PowerPoint presentations.

Here’s how:

  • We analyzed the essentials of PPT: what made it useful, what made it boring.
  • We created a storyboard for how to shift the paradigm.
  • Then we created a video-animated presentation that showcased the opportunities.
  • Then we got really creative and came up with mobile compatible formats.
  • Last, but not least, we packaged the new product and loaded it into iPads for our clients.

The end result: What we ended up with was an iPad loaded with the customer’s customized presentation. Customers could then use these iPads to showcase the abilities of their organization and hand them over to high-profile prospects upon completion of the presentation for future use.

Compare this to the traditional means of loading a PowerPoint presentation on a USB drive or an auto-loader presentation on a CD and handing that out.

Consider this scenario: On of our clients, Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), needed to showcase its technology, which was present in CAD diagrams. We created a 3-dimensional model of its turbines and a 3D animation demonstrating the underwater technology. This allowed investors to see how the ORPC technology worked in an interesting, realistic manner.

tarika technologies logo 2 Tarika Technologies

Tarika Develops a 3D Simulation for ORPC

Why was the 3D model required?

Christopher R. Sauer, CEO of ORPC, says, “ORPC required a 3D representation of the TidGen(tm) technology to showcase how this innovative new underwater power system works. Since the TidGen(tm) Power System is completely submerged and not visible and because the technology encompasses many first-of-a-kind design concepts, its basic configuration and operational features are very difficult to envision for someone not familiar with it. A picture is worth a thousand words but an animation is worth a million words because the animation gives an accurate account of the basic design, size and operational characteristic, such as rotational speed.”

How did it help ORPC? What was the value add?

“The 3D animation added significant value to ORPC in terms of creating an instant understanding of our TidGen(tm) Power System among our key stakeholders, including potential investors, environmental agencies regulators, public officials, the fishing community, the local community, etc. It has also been very useful in discussion with potential international partners because language isn’t needed to gain a basic understanding of the technology.” explained the CEO of ORPC.

TV network Al Jazeera ran a news story on August 14, 2012, about the use of ORPC’s technology in a Maine tide-powered energy project. The video includes a 3D animation created by Tarika Technologies that shows how ORPC’s underwater turbines will harness energy.

Who can use this service? This customized service is tailored towards specific clients and based on client-specific requirements. For a presentation that has about 20 PowerPoint slides, costs start at $3,000 USD. For more information, click here.

How did Tarika Team help ORPC?

Christopher R. Sauer, CEO of ORPC, commented by saying, “The Tarika team developed the 3D animation on a turnkey basis, working closely with ORPC personnel to make sure the technical and operational details were correct and the model achieved ORPC goals. Tarika provided all of the expertise involved, which saved ORPC the cost and delay of acquiring the expertise in-house. We have gained the highest respect for Tarika’s professionalism, capabilities and focus on providing the client (ORPC) what we want.”

Would you consider doing this again?

Christopher finishes by saying, “Not only would we consider doing this again, we will definitely being doing this again as technology improvements to the TidGen(tm) Power System are made and ORPC’s other power systems, RivGen(tm) and OCGen(tm), are further developed and made ready for deployment.”

About Sachin Agrawal

Tarika Technologies founder Sachin Agrawal has more than 14 years of industry experience in various aspects of business technology.

While consulting for small and mid-size companies, as well as Fortune 500 clients and government organizations, Agrawal became captivated by the value that a properly deployed technology plan can add to a company.

He is on a mission to streamline technology for his clients, and to make technical implementation simpler and more effective.

Agrawal holds a master’s degree in Information Architecture (Highest Honors), a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and an associate’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Capitol College, Maryland, USA.

He has been a practitioner of KyoKuShin Karate for more than a decade.

For more information, visit www.tarikatechnologies.com

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