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Teradek Cube A Palm Sized Video Streaming Device

Posted by Andrea Keating on March 13, 2012


What can you do with the Cube? What can’t you do with the Cube! Send a video feed to a studio, switcher, display, iPad and more. Don’t worry it isn’t as difficult to solve as the Rubix Cube. It transmits a live video feed from point to point anywhere in the world. The video below highlights one solution for the Cube as a video producers remote monitoring tool.


Watch the Teradek Cube in action!



(mobile users click here to view video)







The Cube is connected to the cameras SDI/ HDSDI or HDMI outputs on the camera.



Chalk Shot Taradek Cube



Rack focus Taradek Cube



Taradek Cube CU



cube 1


For more information check out www.teradek.com


To order a Cube email sales@teradek.com or call 888-941-2111.


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