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The AJA Ki Pro Mini: The Little Recorder with Big Dreams

Posted by Brad Spinsby on February 22, 2012


The technology to create instant files directly from a tape-based camera is not new. Many companies have been marketing devices since tapeless cameras first camera out. But as the market becomes more refine, the devices become more intuitive. AJA has been one of the leaders in this market, and their most recent device, the Ki Pro Mini is no exception. The AJA Ki Pro Mini records a 10-bit full raster video to compact flash. It supports Apple ProRes 422 in both SD and HD formats and will give the same specs as the DVCPRO HD codec. The Ki Pro Mini connects to any camera that has an HD or SD SDI or HDMI port. What makes the Ki Pro Mini unique among the AJA Ki Pro mobile recording devices is its portability. They gave it the “Mini” name for a reason. It is the smallest recording device among the line and has a mounting plate that will mount to any industry standard mounting device or hot shot device.



Mobile recording devices and the AJA Ki Pro line of recorders have become popular because it upgrades you reliable tape based high definition camera to a tapeless camera. For those who want the footage to a hard drive immediately but fret about having a back-up for the footage the AJA Ki Pro devices allow you to shoot tape in the camera and recording the compact flash card simultaneously. So you can walk away with a digital file and tape after the shoot. The portability makes the AJA Ki Pro Mini versatile for both run and gun, on location, and studio applications. Because the unit is small and can mount to any industry standard mount you can attach the Ki Pro Mini to a plethora of places. Also, the benefit of receiving a file on Apple ProRes 422 Quicktime files is that instead of viewing files through proprietary Panasonic or Sony viewer, you can view the files with Quicktime. There is no need for conversion of files to view them on most any devices with a Quicktime file.



Got a tape based camera and been part of the mobile recording device revolution. What device do you have and what do you think of it?


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