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The One-Man Broadcast Uplink: The LU70 Backpack Video Uplink

Posted by Brad Spinsby on May 30, 2013

Giant satellites, semi-trucks, rows of monitors and technicians, were the arsenal once synonymous with video uplink. But the future looks smaller and faster with LiveU portable video uplink solutions. The LiveU LU70 is a cellular-based live video uplink solution that fits into a backpack. The LU70 bonds up to 14 3G/4G LTE, WiMax, and Wi-Fi modems simultaneously for the fastest connection. It can support video footage from CIF 360 x 240 up to 1080i video, encoded in H.264 AVC high profile. In 1080i, it can record up to 4:2:2 color spacing with up to 10Mbps throughput utilizing either SDI or HDMI inputs. The LU70 can take inputs from a switcher or editing station as well as the direct camera inputs for live switched uplink and real-time editing. Along with the obvious broadcast applications, the LU70 also functions as an FTP device. You can FTP prerecorded footage or a piece edited in the field, from small to big files, utilizing LiveU’s multiple modems.

LiveU LU70 system1

Many broadcast client necessitate immediate uplink, but there is also a trend of corporate clients asking for their footage instantly for quick turnaround. If a corporate client can receive their footage promptly they can create video content for themselves at the same speed as a broadcaster. This is important for clients who have presentations, press conferences, trade shows that need immediate release. One of the features of the LU70 is point to multi-point distribution. Which means you can film the footage in one location but uplink it to two or more different locations simultaneously. For those times when you have limited network connection, like a live shot in the middle of the woods, the LU70 also provides an instant Wi-Fi access point so you will have connection anywhere. This makes it a perfection solution for applications that you would never have used satellite uplink before, like corporate events, launch parties, and college level sporting events that stream live directly to a website.

The LiveU LU70 functions in the most minimal and strenuous video uplink situations. It features One-Touch-Live, a feature that automatically adjusts video resolution for quick and simple transmission. You can control everything from the main module, but also via laptop or other mobile or smart devices while it’s on your back. The LiveU LU70 can record internally or through external storage for that quick back-up as well. In this media-savvy world, video can often have a short shelf-life, so having the resource for quick, easy and light video uplink can get that video to its audience faster.

Has your Windy City video crew done any live shooting lately with alternative uplink solutions? Please share with us your experience.

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