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The Ultimate Multifunctional Camera Platform: The DC Slider

Posted by Crews Super Admin on June 14, 2011


Do you ever wish that your camera support gear could multitask like a Leatherman Multi-Tool? With a simple flip of the wrist, a tripod could become dolly track; with another flip, a c-stand. The DC Slider manufactured by Floatcam, with distribution from Matthews Studio Equipment, offers this multifunctional concept to the camera platform. The DC Slider has a platform that can become a Mini Jib with a 63” jib arm. With its unique counterweight system, the DC Slider instantaneously can become a jib with over 5 feet of arm length.



Have a client looking for the camera on the vertical axis? The DC Slider can become a tower that will mount the camera perpendicular to the ground and allow vertical camera movement. With a few adjustments, the DC Slider will also function as a slider. Mounted either on a tripod or on a level surface, the DC slider can give you over 5 feet of tracking moves. With the DC Slider manufactured by Floatcam, when a client producer suggests a challenging shot, you will be able to accommodate the request easily and quickly. A camera can be safely locked down at various angles to make a shot both creative and safe. Smooth camera movement, invaluable to any DP, is virtually guaranteed.



The DC Slider’s unique counterbalance system makes this possible through resistance to the arm for the jib function, or resistance to the camera for use as a tower or slider to maintain smooth camera movements at all times. Have you used the DC Slider as a jib, tower, or slider? Please share you comments and experiences.


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