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Get That Impossible Dolly Shot With A tommyTRACK

Posted by Andrea Keating on February 7, 2012


For anyone looking to increase the value of their production, the tommy-Track is a great investment. It proved to be an extremely valuable tool in the studio and out in the field. The tommy-Track camera, on tripod, dolly system allows any camera operator to get that hard dolly shot.



One key to keeping viewers engaged in your story is creative camera movement. Dollies, cranes, jibs and tracks are among the oldest technologies for achieving this. A new variation is “the slider,” a compact camera platform that moves linearly along some sort of parallel track to achieve tracking shots and dolly moves. They replace much larger wheeled platforms, are typically operated at ground level, and usually are considerably smaller and more portable. One of these, the tommy-Track, is being marketed by Green Mountain Video. It’s an exceptionally lightweight and portable unit.



Watch the Crews Control Podcast!





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To order a tommy-Track or speak with the inventors email tommytrack@crewscontrol.com Mention that you saw the tommyTrack Information Overdrive video and get $100 off the price.




  1. I’d like to know how much it would cost for the tommy track the 36” and a custom one that’s 4ft long thanks.

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