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Want to Save Space on Your Next Video Shoot?

Posted by Brad Spinsby on April 29, 2013

In freelance production, space is often at a premium. From the space you have to pack equipment in your car, to a slot on your production cart—your production package is often dictated by space. One of the biggest space-eaters, albeit an important piece of production gear, is the Apple Box. Bringing it on location is like packing a basketball in your suitcase for an overnight trip.



But, what if you could use not only the Apple Box—but the space inside it, too? That’s where Jokerbox comes in. It doubles as a toolbox and an Apple Box, making it a tremendous space saver for any camera crew being hired.







Box Designs


    • Grip Jokerbox — A full-size Apple Box that has a fixed partition in the bottom as well as a small moveable compartment above the bottom compartments.


    • Flex Jokerbox — Still a full-size Apple Box, the Flex Jokerbox has up to two adjustable partitions in the bottom of the box along with the moveable compartment above.


    • Half Jokerbox — It has the same two moveable partitions as the Flex Jokerbox, but since it is only Half Jokerbox size, it has no upper compartment.




pigeon lids



Lid Options


    • Basic Lid — This one-piece lid has a hole in the upper corner for easy removal. It’s pretty straightforward.


    • Clipboard Lid — Like the Basic version, but with clipboard hardware on it so it can double holding your script.


    • Big Pigeon Lid — Here’s where things get interesting. This one-piece lid has a threaded pigeon plate on it with a baby pin included. Using the threaded baby pin, the Big Pigeon Lid can support up to a 1K without tipping over. This lid also sports four holes, one in each corner, to make the lid mountable by straps on a wall or door.


    • Split Pigeon Lid — This two-piece design has a pigeon plate, with baby pin included, on each piece, and each piece has four separate holes, one in each corner. Obviously, the two lid pieces are half the size of any of the one-piece lid designs, but the two-piece lids are better suited for smaller grip and lighting equipment and easier to mount on the wall.




The Bottom Line

With so many options, you can tailor the Jokerbox to your own production needs and finally consolidate the space of a toolbox and an Apple Box all into one. Have you used the Jokerbox before? Tell us what you think! Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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