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Can AI Edit Videos?: AI’s Role in Post Production

Posted by Ashley Brook on June 29, 2023

Artificial intelligence is the hottest trend in technology today. Software giants are pouring development money and effort into creating superior algorithms and models, and generative AI text programs like ChatGPT have become household names.

Amid this excitement, it’s natural to ask how AI can assist with your efforts to create high-quality corporate video content. While AI video editing isn’t the kind of truly autonomous technology that can create a video from start to finish, it can make a human editor’s work easier — and the tools are constantly evolving.

AI today has applications throughout the video creation process, from ideation to post production.

AI Editing Today: What It Does

In the present period of rapid AI development, software development companies are each pursuing their own visions to create AI video editing tool solutions. Some of these are ambitious in scope, helping users create AI avatars or generate quick clips out of stock footage. Others are aimed at helping professional video creators work more efficiently and effectively.

A Demand Sage list of top AI video editing software tools showed off suites of all kinds. Perhaps the most interesting tech tools, at least for today’s needs, are those that focus on automating common tasks. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro’s new Adobe Sensei AI feature set is specifically designed to save time for editors.

The various actions available in the suite include color balancing, morph cutting, aspect ratio adjustment and scene edit detection. By using these pattern-sensing tools to make recommendations, editors can make consistent, reliable edits to more video clip footage per day. They’re still counting on their own instincts and ingenuity, but also leveraging AI to make their personal efforts go further.

Another AI tool listing, from Creative Bloq, described more present-day AI capabilities. These included the ability to automatically cut pauses from long-form video monologues and generate preview clips for social media sharing.

Small tasks that have historically slowed video editors down can now be automated and handed over to AI algorithms. These changes may seem minor when placed up against the intense hype around all things AI. However, when considered in context, their value becomes clear: Video editing professionals are good at what they do. With AI feature sets on their side, they can do more of it.

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The Promise and Limits of AI in Video Editing

As with any technology in the midst of a hype cycle, it’s important to understand what AI editing software is — and what it isn’t. There is a complicating factor in any discussion of AI’s capabilities and limits, however: Today’s AI video editor algorithms are likely just a precursor to more powerful AI tool systems to come.

The Neal Schaffer marketing blog listed current roles for AI editing software, ranging from efficiency improvements and error elimination to the simple addition of custom branding and new elements. The next generation of AI video editing tool development appears poised to build on these capabilities.

Hubspot’s blog added an important caveat, however. While AI is expected to become a more powerful editing aid than ever, it is not a likely replacement for human editors. Wistia Head of Production Chris Lavigne told Hubspot AI is more of a tool for video creators to use than a self-guided alternative to their efforts.

An important AI limitation comes from one simple fact: A human video editor has feelings and an AI algorithm doesn’t. As an audiovisual medium, engaging video content has the power to emotionally affect viewers.

Lavigne stated that while brands will likely turn to AI to put out short, generic video clip content, it won’t have the true impact of human-directed content. Of course, that emotionally acute content can be built with the help of an AI video editor, with the algorithms serving as a part of the human director’s tool kit.

Work with Tech-Enabled Video Experts

When considering video editing technology for your company, it can pay to think about working with experts rather than building out fully featured video departments in-house. Teaming up with a professional video production company allows you to access high-quality processes, without adding full-time salaries or purchasing your own gear.

Thus far, the AI era hasn’t changed the calculus on working with experts. These knowledgeable and well-equipped organizations are still capable of helping you craft engaging video content that will suit your audience’s needs — and as new technological tools debut, they’ll be among the first to harness them for greater productivity.

Crews Control’s video teams have been on the cutting edge of every corporate filmmaking tech revolution for the past 30-plus years. Check out our eBook to learn more about AI technology’s role in video production.

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