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Is a Controlled Environment Crucial for Corporate Video Success?

Posted by Valerie Nolan on April 10, 2016

One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your video is where you want to shoot it. Sometimes your script will dictate where you need to shoot, but it’s typically well within your control. Location is crucial because it determines a variety of things about your video:

    • Equipment. If you shoot outdoors or in a busy public area, you’ll need mics that cancel background noise and cameras that handle sunlight well. Each location poses its own challenges and will require specific equipment.
    • Atmosphere. A location sets the tone for your entire video. If you use a boring, generic setting, it’s going to reflect on your corporate videos.
    • Cost. Your location impacts the budget beyond equipment costs. You’ll need to pay for location scouting, permits, and additional crew to handle the challenges of a particular location.
    • Schedule. Depending on your choice of location, you might be restricted to filming during certain hours. If it’s too restrictive, you might have to stretch one or two days of filming into even more, ballooning your budget even more.

Considering the enormous effect location has, you need to make sure you find the right one. Many businesses try to take a shortcut by using a studio setting, but as we’ll discuss below this isn’t always the best decision.

Using a Studio Isn’t Always a Viable Option

A controlled studio environment seems appealing at first. You’ll be able to handle the sound and lighting without a problem. You can shoot your video quickly and minimize the amount of production after the fact. For most businesses, however, it isn’t quite so simple.

First, using a studio is often extremely cost prohibitive. You have to pay a per-hour or per-day fee for the studio use, which can grow quickly. You’ll also need to pay for any alterations or changes you make to the studio to accommodate your filming. Many studios also require you to use their own equipment and crew, so you’ll need to pay for that, too.

Using a studio also isn’t particularly convenient. If the studio is booked full, you’ll have to rush and make sure your video is shot within a tight time constraint. If it goes too long you’ll need to pay for more time and wait until an available slot opens up. If you find something that needs to be reshot during the editing process, you can’t simply show up for a quick shoot. You’ll need to schedule and pay for another appointment.

Finally, shooting in a studio can give your video a generic feel. You’ll be using the same templates and set as many other local companies, which make it difficult to stand out. It stifles creativity and makes it extremely difficult to shoot something ambitious. If you want to truly capture the feel of your organization, it’s hard to beat shooting on location or at an interesting location.

Your Best Alternative – Using a Controlled Onsite Environment

Shooting in a studio does have its benefits, of course. Your lighting and audio will be top-notch, giving your videos a truly professional feel. You’ll minimize any surprises that can interrupt a shoot or ruin a take. Luckily, there’s a way to enjoy these benefits without worrying about the downsides of shooting in a studio – using a crew to help control your onsite environment.

Using your own location eliminates the negatives of having to rent a studio environment. You’ll have the flexibility necessary to make any changes and film whenever it’s most convenient for you. You’ll have complete control over your costs. Best of all, you’ll be able to make sure your video has a feel and tone that’s consistent with your company.

The problem is that shooting on location or within your own office presents its own challenges. If you’re shooting outside you’ll have to be aware of lighting, audio, and the weather. Shooting in your own office may require specific equipment in order to ensure your film looks professional. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of important tips to shooting a professional video outside of a studio.

How You Can Shoot Onsite Successfully

The easiest way to ensure you shoot a professional quality video no matter where you’re located is by hiring an experienced crew to help you. Beyond that, there are a number of steps you can take to drive quality:

    • Scout at the same time you plan on shooting. If you’re shooting at a different time of the day, light might reflect differently or traffic may cause a change in sound levels.
    • Consider how you’re going to power everything. Whether you’re shooting outside or in the office, you need to make sure you have access to enough cords so that you don’t need to worry about running everything on battery power.
    • Be willing to alter the script. You need to have a script in place before you find the right location, but you don’t need to stick to it religiously. The benefits and challenges of each location should have an effect on the final script.
    • Shoot some sample footage before you go completely onsite. This is going to let you know what challenges you’re going to face during production and what you can do while shooting to alleviate those problems.
Corporate video

The more you practice the better your video is going to turn out.

Most importantly, you should allow your crew to help you select a location. They have the necessary experience to know what tone your video should have and how a location can help. They’ll know what problems you can anticipate and how to tackle them effectively.

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