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Making Animated Videos With An Unforgettable Message

Posted by Debbie Camper on December 5, 2018

Animation brings to mind the joy of watching cartoons and animated films. Content creators recognize the power of animation to inspire a sense of wonder in their audience. Find out how to make animated videos that will deliver an unforgettable message to brand a business, increase engagement and boost conversion rates.

Why Should My Business Use Promotional Animated Films?

According to research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, the strategic use of marketing videos can boost lead generation efforts by 36 percent, yet only 41 percent of North American brands have focused video marketing initiatives. Savvy companies are recognizing the power of animated videos. Up to 85 percent of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. Companies with a presence on YouTube, who embed these videos on their sites, are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. A survey conducted by Animoto revealed 76.5 percent of marketers and business owners found video marketing had a direct impact on the success of their businesses. According to video marketing statistics released by Wyzowl, 82 percent of customers were inspired to take action after watching a business marketing video. The facts and statistics prove the value of animated video marketing and the notable ROI businesses realize.

Collaborate and Brainstorm

Animation projects are collaborative, which means seamlessly merging the creativity and vision of multiple people. With all that energy involved, it helps to stay focused on the fundamental goals. Collaboration requires a professional team and effective communication. Each member of the team plays a role in the development of the animated video. Allow everyone an opportunity to tweak the appearance of the characters and edit the story before the project starts and verify everyone knows the core message behind the project. Take advantage of technology to tap into a global talent base for a fresh, innovative approach.

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The Different Faces of Animation

Many people associate animation with something funny and whimsical. While there are plenty of hilarious animations, this technique can also be used to convey serious and intelligent messages. The different faces of animation suit a wide variety of approaches, from comical to quizzical. Choose one of the basic types of animation to use in your video:

-Infographic animated videos use statistics, facts, graphics and numbers to convey relevant information to the viewers. Often these are used for expos, events and website service pages because they provide essential data in a memorable format.

-2D animation is the most commonly used style, using images shown in progression to emulate movements in real life. This animation brings to mind cartoons, which can create an emotional connection for business and consumer audiences.

-3D animation is a three-dimensional style with realistic shadowing and movement that help bring characters to life and make them endearing marketing messengers to all types of viewers.

-Computer animation combines techniques such as traditional, 2D and 3D animation to create one-of-a-kind business presentations in motion and more.

-Whiteboard animation typically looks like a person is drawing the characters and objects in real-time on a whiteboard. Because the viewer watches as it happens, it remains in their memory for a significant period of time. Often whiteboard animation is used in instructional and informational videos.

-Handcraft animation also features the use of a hand, but rather than drawing, the hand is moving objects to focus on detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions.

-Typography animation is a mix of motion with text messages across the images to encourage viewers to think about and remember each word said.

-GIF animation, are simple animations without sound used to grab the attention of web surfers.

-Flash animation, another form of computer animation, uses more complex animations with sound but is slowly being phased out as more complex animated videos take their place.

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The Face of a Brand

Animated characters have the ability to uniquely tell a story, without the distractions of real-life quirks. A character is customized to represent the business, its vibe, and the story it wants to share. Part of this process are characters that resonate with your buyer personas. Just think of the people the animated video wants to reach. The most incredible animations have successfully become the face of major brands. Try developing a character with a voice of its own, and use brand colors and imagery that suit the industry. When people like the character, it becomes a brand ambassador featured on videos, print ads, website campaigns, social media and packaging.

The Original Story of a Brand

Animated films convey the original story of a brand. What makes the company and its offerings different from anyone else? Does the business have a special message, philosophy, or approach? All of this can be captured through animation. Unlike live characters, animated beings can do anything the creators imagine. From traveling through time to soaring above the world , companies get an opportunity to think outside the box when they create animated videos. When the audience receives the story,  it should inspire thought, instill a message, or invoke true emotion.

Make the Complex Seem Simple

In a fast-paced world where people are often tired and distracted, a weighty message might be overlooked. When a complex concept is shared in an animated format, it becomes simple to watch and understand. An animated character is often viewed as approachable and non-threatening, making it the perfect messenger for the most austere announcements.

Educate With Intent To Engage

When people feel like they are watching an uninteresting video, they tend to tune it out. Educational videos are sometimes dry, staged, and boring. But animated videos can use relatable characters, creative images, and an exciting story to educate and engage viewers. People tend to learn more quickly when they are engaged and having fun. As a result, whiteboard videos and other animated films have evolved into a favorite learning tool. Animated videos quickly express information and grab the attention of viewers.

Celebrate a Season With a Reason

Many people remember animated specials that appeared every year during the holidays. Seasonal animations are a fun, light-hearted way to get noticed. Spread the cheer of the season with an underlying reason – promoting your brand, products or corporate message. Use friendly characters, seasonal music and a heart-warming story to get people to watch and share these timely productions.

Knowing how to make animated videos with a message people remember is the ultimate way to market a business today. One in four marketers and business owners feel they are behind the competition when it comes to video marketing – don’t be one of them! Just leave the details in the hands of a hand-selected team of professionals. Crews Control finds impressive talent around the globe to create projects that resonate with your target audience and promote your brand.

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  1. I agree. I have started focusing on videos this year and I can say they are very beneficial for branding, and conversions and they also help in SEO optimization. I am not good in front of the cameras, but it is possible to be creative.

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