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Meet the Crew Behind the Crews

Posted by Kim Moseman on February 14, 2018

Meet the Crew Behind the Crews:

Get to Know Your Crews Control Team

Andrea Keating 

Birthday: December 16

Want to know more about Andrea?

As Crews Control celebrates our 30th year, we want to share some staff secrets about the woman who started it all:

Andrea began as an architecture major at the University of Maryland before she took a film class and was instantly hooked. She graduated with degrees in Radio, Television, Film and Journalism. A little-known fact about Andrea is that she is the first U.S. citizen in her family.

Andrea is our go-to person for big-picture ideas, sharing your latest win (personal or professional), and dog therapy from her trusty officemate, Leo. Every day, Andrea walks into our office with a beaming smile because she truly loves what our team is building here. She enjoys it when our crews or clients visit us or when we can meet them in their own town because our business is all about relationships.

Her greatest accomplishment is raising her fiercely independent children who are “all wonderfully different and are not afraid to try new things, travel, and get out of their comfort zones.”  She loves to surround herself with her hilarious friends, who help her live her life to the fullest, and her husband, who can always make her laugh.

When Andrea is not at our office, you can bet she is traveling to faraway exciting places or enjoying some fun in the sun. She loves all sorts of water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, and boating. She makes a mean banana bread pudding and a wicked mama’s lemonade, and she also loves a good country song. With her day-to-day motto of “be scared…but do it anyway,” Andrea is a true inspiration and guiding light to our team.

The definition of “Andrea”

Andrea  (/ˈændriə, ˈɑːn-, ɑːnˈdreɪə/ )


Synonyms: driven, focused, thorough, innovative, smart, strong, diligent, scrupulous, independent, positive, entrepreneurial, forward-thinking, encouraging, admirable, extraordinary, well-traveled, thought-provoking.

Of the Crews Control team, Andrea is the go-to person for… 


-…all things involving international travel

-…advice and opinions involving décor

-…getting things done!

-…big ideas

-…travel advice

-…business-related information

-…bouncing ideas off of

-…the final stamp of approval

But wait… There’s more!

That’s not all there is to know about our founder and CEO. Comment below to share your great stories about Andrea!

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