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What is TikTok and Should Your Business Use It?

Modern trends in video marketing can be difficult to assess. Especially when it comes to determining the best social media platforms for your brand in terms of how to share […]


'Industry Spotlight: 5 Healthcare Videos that Innovate and Inspire'

Posted by Debbie Camper on June 23, 2019

'Most successful companies today have positioned a majority of their marketing and branding efforts in video, and that’s no different for the healthcare industry. Like other industries, healthcare videos vary […]'


'Video Storytelling: The Basic Storytelling Elements Every Video Needs'

Posted by Ashley Brook on June 17, 2019

'So many videos, so little time!  When content is being pushed out every millisecond, it can be so difficult for brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Flashy graphics, celeb […]'


'Customer Service Videos: 5 Common Mistakes in Training Videos'

Posted by Deb Nicharot on June 13, 2019

'Training videos are a vital part of businesses everywhere. From giant corporations to start-ups in an incubator, every company needs to on-board new employees at some point. And no matter […]'


'10 Tips for Shooting Video in Tokyo'

Posted by Kim Moseman on June 11, 2019

'Tokyo is Japan’s bustling capital city with a mixture of ultramodern and traditional attractions. This city has unlimited options for entertainment, shopping and a unique culture. With iconic buildings, temples […]'


'Animation Styles Guide: Where and When to Use Motion Graphics'

Posted by Valerie Nolan on June 5, 2019

'Producing great video content can be challenging. Diversifying styles to create interest is important now, especially in video, but it can be hard to know which tactics work best and […]'


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