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When to Livestream: 5 Situations Where Live Video Thrives

Livestreaming has skyrocketed in recent years as not only a popular way to consume entertainment, but a viable way for businesses and brands to significantly grow audiences of their own. […]


'Is Vertical Video Really the Future?'

Posted by Andrea Keating on August 20, 2019

'Let’s say you’re at a concert or any other exciting live event. Just as the lights go down and the show is set to begin, what do you see? A […]'


'Industry Spotlight: 6 Awesome Tech Videos to Inspire Your Brand'

Posted by Deb Nicharot on August 13, 2019

'No matter what industry your business falls under, it’s important to produce quality video content on a regular basis. And given how crucial it is for tech companies to appear […]'


'LinkedIn Video Specs: Optimize Your Branded Content'

Posted by Ashley Brook on August 9, 2019

'It seems like everyone is taking on video these days. With so many hosting websites and social media platforms with video sharing capability, it can be confusing to know exactly […]'


'10 Tips For Shooting Video in Beijing'

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 2, 2019

'Beijing is China’s sprawling capital city and dates all the way back to the third century. This city is a bustling metropolis as well as the country’s center for politics […]'


'What is TikTok and Should Your Business Use It?'

Posted by Kim Moseman on July 30, 2019

'Modern trends in video marketing can be difficult to assess. Especially when it comes to determining the best social media platforms for your brand in terms of how to share […]'


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