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User Generated Content: Pros, Cons, and When to Use a Video Crew

For better and for worse, we live in a complicated digital age. No matter where you go, almost everyone will have a mobile device capable of shooting high-definition video (even […]


'Internal Communications Best Practices: 5 Types of Video Your Company Needs'

Posted by Valerie Nolan on March 27, 2019

'Internal communications are a vital part of any company structure. No matter your size or specific industry, if you’re not effectively communicating with your own employees, how can you expect […]'


'5 Youtube Video Trends All Brands Should Follow'

Posted by Ashley Brook on March 22, 2019

'In the culture of today’s digital media consumers, content is king. Video content in particular is highly valuable and of any platform used to watch videos, Youtube towers over the […]'


'10 Tips for Shooting Video in Zurich'

Posted by Kim Moseman on March 18, 2019

'Zurich is a European metropolis where creative urban life mixes with incredible natural landscapes. Located in Northern Switzerland and resting on Lake Zurich, this city showcases a picturesque Old Town […]'


'Pre-Production to Final Cut: Outsource Your Video Marketing Strategy'

Posted by Deb Nicharot on March 13, 2019

'When it comes to brand building, a sound video marketing strategy often makes a major difference. For many companies, video is the main focal point since the recent rise in […]'


'Industry Spotlight: 5 Effective Financial Industry Videos'

Posted by Valerie Nolan on March 5, 2019

'Recent years have brought a video revolution when it comes to industry-specific branding and marketing. It’s not exactly surprising as the medium continues to position itself as the most popular […]'


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