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Infographic: Pick the Right Corporate Video Location to Save Money

Much of making the most of a shoot and preventing extravagant costs relies on the location in which you host the shoot. Our team created the below infographic to help you pick the right corporate video location in order to save you money.


'Infographic: 4 Potential Benefits of Agency Decoupling'

Posted by Kim Moseman on September 30, 2022

'In recent years, companies have chafed at the costs and restrictions of this model. To unlock new levels of creative oversight and savings, these businesses have started breaking up production responsibilities. This process is known as agency decoupling.'


'What is Decoupling in Brand Video Production?'

Posted by Barb Kittridge on September 30, 2022

'What does it mean when a company decouples from its creative agency partner to create videos and other multimedia content? And why is this methodology catching on?'


'Pros and Cons of Decoupled Production in Video Marketing'

Posted by Ashley Brook on September 29, 2022

'Learn the value of decoupled production in video marketing and content creation, and find out how this video creation method can lead to new opportunities for business.'


'Infographic: 4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Live Stream Event'

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 31, 2022

'We created this infographic to give you our top 4 tips to ensure a successful live stream event.'


'How to Live Stream an Event: Tips and Tricks'

Posted by Debbie Camper on August 30, 2022

'Would live streaming video help your next corporate event reach a bigger audience? Learn how to live stream an event effectively, accounting for technology, personnel and planning.'


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