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What Is a Drone Used for in Marketing? Powerful Aerial Video Presentations

Posted by Valerie Nolan on October 22, 2018

Everyone is buzzing about the potential of drones. Drone video marketing has become the wave of the future. From real estate to product demonstrations, providing an aerial view is capturing attention and generating leads. Customer behavior reveals 64% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a well-produced video and adding drone footage may be key to getting more eyes on your product. Discover the power of drones, which capture bird’s eye imagery without the expense of hiring a plane or helicopter pilot. Learn the answers to what a drone is used for in video marketing. Find out how that resonates with your target market and leaves them wanting more.

The Evolution of Drones

Drones were once associated only with covert military operations. Today the leading users of drones are businesses and corporations. Drones are used for creative presentations, agricultural research, architecture, events and beautiful landscapes. Real estate marketers take bird’s eye view images of available properties to everything from the size and location of the property to the excellent condition of the roof. Travel marketers use drones to provide a dramatic overhead view of resort amenities, such as swimming pools and ocean access. Companies such as Amazon are initiating fast drone deliveries of products to consumers. A wide variety of businesses use aerials to add excitement to their videos. Within the first 30 days after the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) registration site went live, nearly 300,000 users registered their drones. Now over 770,000 drones are registered for use in U.S. airspace alone, and the number is rapidly growing.

Presentations from Every Angle

There was a time when marketers were limited to using only ground footage. Aerial photography was a tool used only by Hollywood video producers with a sizable budget for planes and helicopters. Today drones make this technology accessible to businesses of all sizes and types. Companies can show their products and services, locations and highlight their videos in unique ways.

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Show the Layout of the Land

A cinematic drone makes it possible to create amazing aerial videos of the outdoor world. Exciting visuals appeal to people, such as an action sequence or a sweeping panoramic view of the venue. For example, a tourism company can show people hiking, biking, and having fun in a fantastic natural setting. Or a golf course could show golfers the rolling greens and scenic amenities along the way, such a pond and trees. An agricultural producer may want to show the beauty of their land. And capturing the layout of a location is helpful for consumers visiting places that offer tours, such as wildlife refuges and historic estates.

Provide a Visual Experience

Branding a business means making a lasting impression on consumers. When they think of a specific product or service, they recall the company that spoke to them most effectively. One of the best ways to be unforgettable is providing a visual experience. Viewers should be engaged, fascinated, and impressed by the video, so it becomes a positive memory. A drone captures images people won’t see anywhere else. A charity can take drone videos of thousands of people jogging in a marathon for the cause. A company could introduce employees after showing aerial images of the worksite and community. The viewer feels connected to the company and experience it provides. 

Let’s Take a Tour

Worldwide businesses might have headquarters far away from the target market they want to reach. Conducting an in-person tour of the facilities might be logistically impossible. Drones capture overhead video to show the company and its production processes. The video can also display the products in transit, and their placement at retailers around the globe. Through video tours, a company builds trust and relationships with consumers, corporate buyers, and other critical players. Innovative marketing videos of properties, products, and events dramatically help improve conversion rates. Research reveals one retailer discovered viewers are 174% more likely to convert than people who never watched the promotional video.

Bring Viewers Into the Action

Marketing action-packed products or services is challenging when a company relies solely on written content and still images. An aerial view brings people into the action as it happens. Consumers see the possibilities of a mountain bike that tackles serious inclines with ease. Travelers easily recognize the desirable location of a resort surrounded by the ocean, city, and lush flora and fauna where people are having a fabulous time. Aerial videos bring the excitement and action to the viewer, so they instantly want to be a part of it.

Getting It Together and Making It Personal

Clients of a large corporation often feel caught up in the shuffle. They might not deal with the same person twice. Aerial videos make it easy for companies to get the personal touch with their clients in an interesting way. Take a group shot of the employees at the location. If there are multiple locations, plan group shots at all of them. Unlike a regular image or video, aerial photography can capture a complete picture of hundreds of people at one place. People see the team members, creating a sense of familiarity. They feel more connected to everyone they talk to in the future. Aerial imagery captures a perspective that makes it easy for clients to imagine themselves with the team members at the company, providing a unique sense of camaraderie and makes the viewer feel like they are part of the event with everyone present.

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The Surprise of the Great Reveal

The reveal is quickly becoming one of the most popular aerial video strategies for a good reason. Images taken by a drone from afar may look vastly different from ground photos of the same item, location or person. Consider the magnitude of showing something from a distance that resembles something else. When the video gets closer, suddenly the item is revealed for what it is. Viewers feel the instant magnitude of this surprise. The footage drew them in and inspired an emotional reaction.

Keep the Rules in Mind

Always be aware of FAA rules and local regulations pertaining to filming videos, including the use of drones. Privacy and public rights must be prioritized and protected at all times. Drone pilots must have the correct licensing and will have learned the dos and don’ts of where a drone can be used.

With all these details in mind, it’s easy to see why companies entrust drone photography to a team of professionals. Crews Control matches companies with production crews with the specific expertise they need to produce stellar aerial videos. Work with a crew that knows the answer to what is a drone used for in marketing and how to do an aerial presentation from start to finish for measurable results.

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