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Best Practices for Managing Your Creative Team

Posted by Kim Moseman on April 14, 2021

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Companies are cautiously eyeing a return to the new normal conditions, but many of their employees are hesitant. Chances are some or all members of your creative team will opt to stay remote in the near or long-term future, and it’s up to you to keep them engaged. Over 42% of workers want to work from home more often in a post-COVID world, while only around 12% want to be in the office more often. Meanwhile, nearly 20% know their workplaces will be open to remote work and 26% expect this, while 19% already have such an arrangement.

The new method of working has delivered savings, with real estate cost falling $10,000 per remote employee per year. It has also changed recruiting, with 56% of HR leaders planning to further automate their candidate sorting processes.

We have previously explored the future of holding corporate events and producing corporate videos. Now, it’s time to take a holistic look at reaching your creative teams in the remote era.


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