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Deliverable Data Management and Hard Drive Usage in Video Production

Posted by Crews Super Admin on January 5, 2012

The media deliverable is essential to how the footage you’ve shot will be backed up on site and imported to your editing suite. At the time you book your shoot with your Crews Control production manager you also need to discuss not only the crew size and style of your shoot but also how to handle the deliverable; what media type(s), format(s), frame size(s) and frame rate(s) you want based on what your editor can import. Currently, the most popular choice is to go tapeless which usually requires a hard disk drive to store the footage captured during the shoot. Crews Control has collected statistical data reflecting the trending shift from tape-based cameras to tapeless formats in video productions where the deliverable is a hard drive.

 We’ve produced this detailed report covering:

  •  Trending Media Formats from 2009 to 2011
  • Causes of Magnetic Media Data Loss in Hard Disk Drives
  • Best Practices for Managing the Deliverable
  • Best Practices for Repeated Usage of Hard Disk Drives

Learn best practices for managing the deliverable in video production and how to store ‘recoverable’ media shoot after shoot on hard disk drives.

Download Link —-> Deliverable Data Management & Hard Drive Usage In Video Production (right-click > save as)

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