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Planning and Executing Live Streaming Production

Posted by Crews Super Admin on July 28, 2010

If you are tasked with streaming rich media content for quarterly meetings, CEO/ top-level management direct address company-wide or any other live/on-demand video to the desktop communication with-in your organization or for a client we recommend that you download Webcasting Production Practices Guide. Hugh Taylor the VP of Marketing for MediaPlatform, formally known as IVT, has put together this easy to understand white paper that goes over the 5 steps of a webcast production.

The success of executing all video productions are dependent on:

  1. • Knowing your audience
  2. • Communicating effectively within your organization & with your vendors
  3. • Having a clear and conscience plan of how to meet your communication objectives
  4. • Embracing a cost-effective technology to be a vehicle for your message.

Download Link —-> White Paper: Webcasting Production Practices (right-click > save as)

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