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The Evolution of the Video Whitepaper

Posted by Andrea Keating on July 18, 2018

Between the cacophony of Internet noise and the incredible shrinking attention span, who is going to read a 5000+ word white paper?

Business leaders, procurement teams, and executives looking to get up to speed on a complex topic of interest in a hurry or seeking business services and products turn to authoritative, fact-based, relevant, and robust material on their way to making informed business decisions. They read white papers.

Can video deliver the same high-value content, packaged in a more engaging, accessible format?

In this report we define white papers as a broad category of long-form content; we differentiate white papers from marketing, sales, teasers, and info-tainment; and we explore the reach of the medium in the context of the digital era. We also look at the emerging trend of companies transitioning their white papers to video.

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