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Why Outsource Video Production for Your Business?

Posted by Deb Nicharot on April 3, 2024

What’s your corporate video production strategy? In today’s business landscape, using video is such a widespread practice that you can skip right past deciding whether to create video content and get started filling in the details of your strategy.

One key piece of that strategy: determining how much of your content creation will take place in house and how much you’ll outsource to third parties. Though every business’s circumstances and ideal approach will differ, there are some compelling reasons — budgetary, logistical and beyond — that point to outsourcing.

What factors inspire companies to outsource video production?

Choosing outsourced video production companies is a hot trend in the digital marketing space today. This is a contrast to the past few years, which found companies, especially larger corporations, building up their internal video production capabilities.

The shift is occurring as businesses attempt to save money in a high-rate environment by increasing their everyday efficiencies. In house video production departments come with overhead and upfront costs: hiring people and paying full-time salaries, setting up studio spaces, purchasing or renting equipment, and more. Since these resources aren’t used 100% of the time, spending on them is not considered cost-effective.

Outsourcing resolves that utilization issue, with companies only spending on third-party resources when they’re needed. They can also deliver a high level of performance, one that can be hard to replicate in house.

Skilled outsourced video providers can offer:

  • Access to skilled personnel who can deliver subject matter expertise on any or all elements of the shoot, from pre-production to distribution.
  • The use of high-quality gear and state-of-the-art technology that enables the creation of polished, advanced video content.
  • Expertise with local facilities, locations and permitting processes, due to third-party teams being based in multiple regions worldwide.
  • Versatility, and the ability to create many types of digital marketing content, with offerings ranging from animation services and motion graphic production to the creation of in-depth live-action deliverables.

All of these services are available on demand, which solves the issue of paying for downtime. Outsourcing promises that companies can add a fully featured video department as needed, whether that means once a quarter or every week.

Working with third-party video crews also brings the general advantage of replacing internal processes with external ones: The business is taking large capital expenses off the books, replacing them with incremental operational expenses that can be easier to plan for, and easier to reduce during periods of tight budgeting.

Learn more about how the costs of a corporate video shoot shake out.

What goes into outsourcing video production?

One important point to remember as you decide whether to embrace outsourcing for your own video needs is that “outsourcing” is a very broad term. The amount of control you retain over your own practices will vary, depending on your needs and your agreement with your specific third-party partner.

An outsourced video contract can help you complete one phase of the production process, such as on-location filming, corporate video editing or visual effects. You can also arrange to have a third-party partner take over the whole workflow for a specific kind of specialized video content, such as animation.

It’s up to you whether you work with a professional video production company on a one-off basis or as part of an ongoing collaboration. The former approach is vital when you need a quick piece of content to meet a specific need, while the latter can take the functional place of an in house video production department on a more permanent basis, though with added flexibility.

Third-party video teams are made up of experts dealing with their respective regions and types of content. How you put those skills to work is up to you. The professionalism and know-how of a dedicated outsourced video crew can help you stay competitive in the demanding world of corporate video creation as other businesses increase their own dedication to video production.

Ready to outsource professional video production?

No matter what level of outsourcing is right for you — from a one-off corporate video editing contract to a full, end-to-end agency agreement — it’s important to ensure you’re working with a partner that can deliver high-quality results. Established organizations and crews that have produced strong bodies of work can elevate your efforts ahead of competitors’ offerings.

Partnering with skilled and experienced outside teams allows you to maximize the potential of outsourcing, by not just adding video capabilities but catapulting yourself to the front of your industry. In a landscape where companies of all kinds are producing video content, it’s important to make sure your video marketing deliverables will capture the audience’s attention.

Crews Control has spent 30 years building a network of locally experienced and skilled crews around the world. These professionals provide any and all skills companies require, whenever they need them.

Learn much more about outsourcing and the current corporate video landscape in our eBook.

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