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Why These Commercial Videos Went Viral

Posted by Valerie Nolan on May 22, 2015

‘Winning the internet’ isn’t an easy thing to do. Online trends are unpredictable – the next big thing could be anything from an adorable cat to a stylistic ad for beer.

While it may be difficult to predict what will explode online, the most successful ads and corporate films contain variables that can help you decide what to include in your video before you produce it.

Here are a few examples of videos that won the internet and why:

1) T-Mobile’s #KimDataStash

What works?

T-Mobile uses celebrity star power paired with a simple concept and classy humor to sell a great idea. Star power gives the ad a familiar face for viewers to respond to and celebrities always have a strong following that pulls in views.

The simple concept is a key aspect as well. Turning a problem most cell phone users experience (such as left over wasted data) and translating it into a simple joke makes the ad that much more enjoyable. And having Kim Kardashian poke fun at herself grounds her celebrity star power in a much more relatable way, avoiding potential eye-rolls from critics.

2) Budweiser’s Super Bowl #BestBuds

What works?

Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. The Best Buds campaign has been incredibly successful over the past couple of years due to its combination of humor and adorable puppies.

Rather than trying to improve the concept, Budweiser builds off that success each year by adding little beats to the story world of the video series. This year, Budweiser added a call to action in their ad, which is the best way to get viewers to engage and interact with your brand. Familiarity goes a long way, and is a useful tool to work with when crafting your video.

3) Gatorade “Be Like Mike”

What works?

Nostalgia is an obsession of the millennial generation. If they’re your target audience you absolutely need to take advantage of that. Gatorade has done a phenomenal job of doing so. Instead of developing a new ad, they digitally re-mastered one from 1992 featuring Michael Jordan, and it’s been a huge hit online.

This circles back to how star power and familiarity work hand and hand to draw in the audience’s attention. The re-mastered ad also gives off the impression that the company is bold and brave for re-releasing something from their past, which tends to gains a brand the viewer’s respect despite their opinion on the brand’s product.

See the ad original here:

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