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'Capturing Your Business’s Good Side: Still Photography'

'In a world of flashy, digitally driven branding, still photography has lost some of its "wow" factor — but none of its value. Companies still need imagery to set their visual identity and tell a brand story that can span all media.'


'Ebook: Creativity in Video Production'

'If you want to stand out among these many, many competitors, you have to use corporate video well instead of just using it. You can accomplish this feat by adding a dash of creativity to your videos, either in your ideas, your use of cutting-edge technology or both.'


'The Economics of Video Production'

'  Corporate video is everywhere. Due to all the applications of video content — from marketing to training, communications and beyond — companies are prioritizing video production at a scale […]'


'Careers in the Video Field: What Paths Do Professionals Take?'

'Companies in the video field need skilled staff members to handle videography, audio recording, editing, post production and much more — there are a near-infinite number of ways to join and progress within the corporate video profession.'


'Agency Decoupling: How to Build Video Production Outside the Agency Model'

'Check out our latest ebook about agency decoupling and how to build video production outside the agency model. '


'Make Your Next Live Streamed Event A Success'

'If you want to use live streaming technology to enhance the reach of your next corporate event or to launch an online-first event, you're in good company. But you'll have to think about best practices to make sure your efforts are as successful as possible.'


'XR: Cutting-Edge Content To Raise Your Brand’s Cool Factor'

'The commitment to next-generation, cutting edge tech means brands are using two types of XR: augmented reality and virtual reality. These technologies have already opened up new creative possibilities across industries and target audiences. '


'Latest & Greatest Video Technology Trends'

'A vast array of brands are using video for marketing, brand awareness, internal communications and more. To stand out, your company's videos must be better than the competition, and video technology can elevate your content accordingly.'


'Video Production Outside: Best Practices and Insights'

'What defines a great outside video production? Elements from legal clearance to technical excellence add up to create an ideal finished product. Master these practices, and you'll be on the right track.'


'Video and the C-Suite: Unlocking New Opportunities'

'Using video with the C-suite typically means one thing: Talking head interviews with corporate leaders. However, with a little creativity and know-how, you can accomplish so much more. Your company's C-suite executives can embody the company’s vision, engaging directly with many different groups, internal and external. Employees, investors, customers, job candidates and more can benefit from videos featuring the C-suite.'


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