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5 Tips to Expand Video Production Resources without an Increase in Staff

Video has become the most effective means of communication whether you work at a small business or a large corporation. Many companies are asking their video production departments of all sizes for more content, both to use internally and externally. But your cost-conscious company wants it done with the same amount of personnel already on hand. If your life were a Hollywood movie, you could give a rousing, impassioned speech resulting in funding to double your team size. Unfortunately, it...

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Creative Camera Configuration to Support Every Workflow

Corporations, the government, and universities tend to own cameras and shoot a lot of content for themselves and their clients, citizens, and students. They need small files that integrate with their NLE and asset management software. Due to budgetary constraints they are often locked into workflows for a decade. Agencies and PR firms work on a per project basis. Depending on the client and of course their budget, they are able to choose cameras based on the storyboard. Agencies are flexible...

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10 Things You Should Know about Shooting in a Hostile Environment

Directors of Photography are often asked to work in challenging locations or in tight spaces, but sometimes the job requires shooting in hostile environments. Some DPs make their career out of shooting in dangerous places and war zones. Here are 10 tips on how to work in a hostile environment.

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Managing Monetary Expectations: Tips for Creating a Realistic Budget

Crews Control issued a poll and found that 60% of Corporate Video Producers feel that the biggest challenge in production is creating realistic budgets. In order to generate an accurate budget, you must consider overlooked aspects that affect both cost and quality. Below are some tips for anticipating hidden expenses when creating a budget.

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10 Tips for Shooting in Detroit
Posted by Kacey Trent on Aug 18, 2014 & filed under Technical.
10 Tips for Shooting in Detroit

Preston Swigart, broadcasting and corporate television producer of PSVideo, stated “Detroit residences assume that non-Detroiters have heard bad things about their city, but they want to show us the misconceptions of Detroit.” Detroit is a great city! The Motor City is rich in culture and history and when you are there it is apparent that the people of the city are very proud and optimistic to call Detroit home. Detroit is actually beautiful and filled with many historic homes and...

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Is Acquisition Up for Grabs?
Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on Aug 14, 2014 & filed under Technical.
Is Acquisition Up for Grabs?

When the video and digital cinema world talks about cameras we are often talking about a handful of manufactures: Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Arri, Red, Vision Research, and maybe JVC. Has anybody else noticed the trend of post production companies moving into manufacturing cameras? Ok so they don’t all come from post production but there seems to be more and more nontraditional camera manufactures these days.

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AJA goes from Third-Party to Driver’s Seat with CION

AJA has spent the last 21 years creating third party equipment for other camera manufacturers and now is jumping into the camera game with their camera, the CION. The CION camera is a 4K camera designed with versatility in mind. It is a camera that can create a cinematic look, but is also designed for ENG use as well. The CION can record in 4K, Ultra HD, 2K, and 1080 using Apple Pro Res 444, 422, or 422 proxy files. It records to AJA Pak Solid State Drives in either 256GB or 512GB sizes for...

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10 Tools Every DP Should Have in their Kit
Posted by Brad Spinsby on Jul 30, 2014 & filed under Technical.
10 Tools Every DP Should Have in their Kit

So you have been in contact with your client. You have set up the shoot day logistics, and you’re confident that everything will go well. Then you go to set-up for the shoot and realize you have forgotten something. Every Director of Photography has a basic kit they bring with camera, lights, and audio but outside of those main elements here are 10 items that are important for every DP onsite.

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NYC PR Firm Uses Sony PMWF55
Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on Jul 24, 2014 & filed under Technical.
NYC PR Firm Uses Sony PMWF55

A New York City public relations firm, Finn Partners, captured a new public school initiative with the Sony PMW F55. This required going into the classroom to record interviews and B-roll. Crews Control represented DP and contributing blogger Adam Shanker says this about his camera for this project. “Setting the F55 in HD in the MPEG 2 XDCAM mode we can have manageable file sizes while achieving high quality. The record format is 1920x1080P, frame rate of 29.97, with an angle shutter at...

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Professional Mobile Recording Devices for the Best Workflow from Production to Post

In today's fast paced production world things can change in an instant. This seems especially true with camera technology. Gone are the days of purchasing a camera, paying it off in 36 months, and then living off the profits for a few more years. These days you're lucky if you can actually work with a camera for 18 months before its’ replacement hits the market. So how does one actually make a return on their investment? Thankfully, there are some terrific alternatives in the form of digital...

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