Supplier Diversity Mentorship – Little effort, great return.

April 23rd, 2018 by

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” -Malcolm Forbes The benefits of a diverse work place go beyond the employees in a company, but reach into the often forgotten pool […]

How to Increase the Visibility of Your In-House Department

March 26th, 2018 by

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” – Malcolm S. Forbes As the leader of your creative services organization (including video teams), it’s up to […]

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too….How a Single Niche Partner & Vendor Manager Can Change the Way You Work

February 22nd, 2018 by

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln Working efficiently is no longer a nice to […]

Breaking the Shared Services Stigma

January 18th, 2018 by

As a leader of a creative shared services organization, you know better than anyone the challenges of servicing internal departments while competing with freelancers, other ancillary internal groups, and external […]

What the Best Corporate Diversity Videos Have in Common

November 14th, 2017 by

“Imagine how much further you could get if you had more diversity.” – Maxine Williams, Facebook’s Global Head of Diversity  Diversity in the workplace is no longer a nice to […]

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