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360 Video in the Business World

Posted by Kim Moseman on August 15, 2018

As one of the most compelling ways to bring a virtual world straight to an audience, viewership can skyrocket with a 360 video. More and more enterprises are now realizing this and making Virtual Reality a part of their training, marketing and more. We talked to DP Larry Greenblatt and our own Vice President of Production, Valerie Nolan, about how beneficial 360 video can be for your business.

“Virtual reality and 360 video are one in the same,” Greenblatt said.

360 video is a type of virtual reality technology where the user can view every angle of the scene because of an omnidirectional camera. Unlike traditional VR, viewers can look at any direction of the video (behind them, to their left, to their right, up and down) to get a more immersive feeling.

Using 360 video has never been more accessible because you can view these videos on a computer screen or smartphone. 360 video can also be viewed through VR goggles.

2 FINAL 360 Video 360 video corporate

There are two different types of 360 video. The first, and most common type, is monoscopic where the viewer can move around the video, but there is no real depth perception. An example of this would be Google street view. The second type is stereoscopic where 3D objects and depth are introduced into the video. Stereoscopic can be viewed using a VR headset and common mobile devices.

“Virtual Reality is the best way to immerse your audience into an artificial world,” Nolan said. “There are so many situations that you would want a client or employee to witness something first hand, but its more convenient to do it through video.”

Here are some prime examples of how 360 video can be used for your business. Don’t be afraid to click around the videos!

Marketing: Allow your audience to be transported to anywhere in the world with VR. If your organization is trying to market a new car, destination hotel and so on, actually bringing these places directly to your customers can increase revenue.

Healthcare: In the medical industry, VR has even had some success in pain management, surgical training and facility tours.  “We recently produced videos for a hospital to allow expectant moms and their loved ones to take a virtual tour of the new and improved maternity ward,” Greenblatt said.
Below is a similar video.

Training: Looking for a more memorable and enjoyable method of showing your new trainees the ropes? Incorporating 360 video into company training can help new employees better understand a situation before they are thrown into it in real life.

Entertainment: “A great use of this technology is for touring museums or tourist sites,” Greenblatt said.  Get up close and personal with a ferocious lion or hungry shark, without leaving your desk.

Nonprofit: Show your audience first hand of how disasters and tragedies are impacting parts of the world. This will evoke empathy and bring awareness to causes you and your company care about.

“Previously all of our VR work was in sports and science-based TV, but all aspects of businesses can and are benefiting from this new technology,” Greenblatt said.

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