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The 2018 Trends That Are Impacting Video Production for Marketing Right Now

Posted by Andrea Keating on August 13, 2018

  • The popularity and success of video marketing continues to increase.
  • Several social media platforms are ramping up their video capabilities to appeal to advertisers and marketers.
  • Video usage by companies isn’t limited solely to marketing efforts.

According to recent data, 87 percent of marketers utilize video in their marketing campaigns in 2018. And adding videos to landing pages on your site can increase your conversions by up to 80 percent.

So what are some of the video marketing trends that are hot right now?

  1. In-house video departments are getting busier. According to a recent Crews Control poll, 61 percent of companies reported that their video departments are being given more projects now than they were three years ago.
  2.  Video is used for more than marketing. While these video departments primarily assist with their companies’ marketing efforts (79 percent), they also frequently support internal communications (69 percent) and some of their lines of business (67.5 percent).
  3.  Video white papers are gaining popularity slowly. Only about ten percent of video departments surveyed say their company produces video white papers currently but over over 50% say there is an interest to switch to video white papers.
  4.  Video training may be underutilized. Roughly 2/3 of respondents say that training and development videos comprise fewer than 25 percent of their production load.
  5.  VR and AR are gaining traction in corporate vide. Some 43 percent of video departments say they plan to use virtual reality and/or augmented reality in their projects this year.
  6. Consumers like live video. According to MarketingProfs, 82 percent of consumers who responded to a survey said that they favor live video over many other kinds of social media postings.
  7.  It’s now easier to make videos on Facebook. The Facebook Creator App now facilitates original video creation and live video broadcasts, and helps users distribute this content across their online communities.Video marketers
  8.  YouTube TV may be the next marketing frontier. Both Xbox One devices and Android TV-enabled devices and sets can now live stream videos with the help of the new YouTube TV app—which translates to a larger potential audience for advertisers.
  9.  LinkedIn is boosting its presence in video marketing. You can now post native video on the professional social media platform, which could soon usher in a sea change in the B2B marketing landscape.
  10.  Twitter branded video is sporting impressive ROI numbers. Twitter users watching branded videos have higher purchase intention rates, greater ad recall, and larger recommendation numbers than videos on other online platforms.
  11. Don’t count Instagram out. Over a million brands advertise on the platform, but not just to young adults—a third of 30- to 49-year olds and 18 percent of 50- to 64-year olds are on Instagram.
  12. Video marketing is still churning out excellent results. Approximately 90 percent of consumers indicate that video influences their buying decisions.

Though there are more and more channels and approaches for video marketing, one thing remains constant: the content must have high production values, contain a clear call to action, and keep the interest of the viewer if it is to accomplish its goals. So however your company chooses to employ video, make sure that it consists of high-quality content, conforms to your overall brand, and complements your other marketing efforts.

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