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4 Top Animated Video Types (And Their Uses)

Posted by Kim Moseman on May 31, 2023

An animated video can get the attention of viewers who have become accustomed to standard live-action content, but that’s not the only benefit of animation — it adds production flexibility, combines well with other video styles and lets you bring your brand’s overall look to life.

Animation is a top choice when it’s time to diversify your video strategy because it can mean anything and everything in terms of style. There’s no one “right way” to use animation, so you can adapt this flexible content to fit your brand’s unique image and suit your strategic needs. Check out our latest infographic that features 4 top animated video types and their uses:

May Infographic scaled animated video

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  1. What a great breakdown of animated video types! This blog post simplifies the decision-making process and helps us choose the right style for our content and audience. Thanks for the valuable insights!

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