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5 Ways Animation Can Enhance Corporate Video

Posted by Kim Moseman on July 26, 2018

One of our earliest and fondest memories as children was watching cartoons. They were engaging, colorful and always kept us entertained. So, it is no wonder that we carry that same fascination with animation to adulthood. But animation doesn’t have to stay in the past. In fact, animation is quickly becoming a top medium for telling stories and enhancing video.

While some may think of animated videos as unprofessional and childish, incorporating animation into a live-action project can take your video to the next level. Here are 5 ways animation can enhance your corporate videos:

Different and Engaging: As your business grows, new content needs to be consistent and engaging. But you don’t want the same kinds of videos over and over again.  Including shots of animated graphics or images opens a new creative door to getting your information out to an audience while also complimenting the live action video you already have. Include shots of animated video between interviews and b-roll for a well-rounded and engaging video.

Update and Re-Purpose Video: As your company grows and adapts over time, your corporate videos will need to change as well. Thankfully animation can be easily edited and updated. So if your address or slogan changes or you need to re-do an outdated concept, having animation in your video makes the editing process simpler so you won’t need to start from scratch from a stellar video.

Explain Complex Ideas: Lets be honest; there are some concepts that are just plain difficult to understand when you only have a talking head speaking at you. Whether its an in-house explainer video on corporate policies or a welcome video on the front page of your website, some things are better explained in graphics. By including a portion of animation into your video with graphs, titles and moving images, you can visually represent very abstract ideas that would normally be very difficult to demonstrate to an audience.

Bring Any Concept to Life: The wildest of concepts are possible with animation. If you want to ponder the existence of aliens or express how far your company has come and where you want it to go, then you can with animation!  No need to be practical or realistic with your vision. Your imagination has no boundaries with animated video.

Extend Existing Marketing Material: Have a logo that needs more recognition in the market? Hoping to show your mascot in a new lighting? Want to make an infographic even more informational? Animation upgrades your visual content by bringing your images to life. This can help make your brand more recognizable and appear more versatile.

Are you ready to give animation a try? Click here for a free quote.


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