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Artificial Intelligence Animation: A New Tool for Video Creators

Posted by Deb Nicharot on January 5, 2024

Artificial intelligence has spent the past year becoming the hottest trend in technology, largely because of the rapid rise of generative AI. But what can AI algorithms really accomplish for your business as you pursue creative projects like custom video production?

At the moment, it’s important to remember what AI is not: It’s not truly an autonomous system that can produce content with little or no input from people. What it is, however, is potentially impactful from an efficiency standpoint. Equipped with AI tools, creators in fields like animation can automate parts of their workflows.

An automation-heavy, AI-enabled workflow can help you and your partner organizations rapidly create animated video content that will become an integral part of your video marketing strategy and overall content efforts.

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AI in Animation: What Can It Do?

The rapid progress of AI development — and accompanying hype — over the past few months can obscure some of the facts about AI in animation. For example, as Creative Bloq’s Ian Dean pointed out, the technology has already been put to use in Hollywood animated movies, including the recent Lion King remake.

The use of AI animation software to take manual work out of the video creation and animation process can help animators complete more footage in a shorter time, while reducing stress. Dean indicated that by taking on tasks such as accurately matching facial animation lip sync movements to spoken dialogue, AI can smooth out the animation workflow.

On his LinkedIn blog, Waqar Khan added that the popular photo-generating AI tool Midjourney has the potential to make the animation process quicker and more efficient through simple but effective processes like generating in-between frames. This easy frame generation can help animators create smooth, visually impressive videos with reduced labor.

These time-saving tips are more promising at the moment than efforts to create entire videos automatically. This doesn’t mean AI animation tool development isn’t living up to its hype, however — it indicates that there is already a valuable use case for AI technology in animation. This combination of established craft with new technology can help your business and its partners produce more and better video content.

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What Goes Into a Tech-Driven Animation Workflow?

The use of AI animation software as an efficiency-builder can touch nearly every portion of the animation production workflow. This indicates an exciting opportunity for animators and creators of all kinds — by finding parts of the animation process to automate and streamline, these experts can spend more time on creative matters.

Throughout the process, this may mean:

  • Pre-production: AI can help with ideation and topic generation. CMSWire noted that it also has potential as a scripting tool. When generating fast-paced corporate videos, an AI algorithm can become part of the brainstorming process.
  • Production: AI’s ability to help with the technical aspects of animation, from facial animation lip syncing to in-between frame generation could cut down the time spent on generating new animated content, helping companies stay efficient.
  • Post production: Some steps in video editing and post-production, such as generating captions and descriptive audio, can greatly increase the accessibility and reach of video content. Wire19 explained that producing transcripts, translations and more could be a major AI tool use case.

A more efficient workflow, with AI handling bulk tasks and human experts drilling down on the fine details, could represent a “best of both worlds” scenario for creative content production. Perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that this futuristic world is rapidly becoming a reality, driven by intensive investment and development of new AI animation tool offerings.

Ready to Get Started with AI in Animation and Beyond?

Even as the world of animation production changes rapidly in the AI era, some long-held facts remain true: for example, teaming up with video production experts is the easiest way to tap into new and innovative technologies and build out a fully-featured video content strategy.

Dedicated video experts have the technology and knowledge necessary to quickly add new abilities to their workflows and put those new developments to work meeting clients’ unique objectives. AI has recently staked a major place in the cultural lexicon, but thinkers in the world of video production are already working on the best ways to work it into their workflows.

By teaming up with Crews Control’s teams, you have access to strategic video experts who are ready to collaborate on whatever your video creation strategy needs — whether that’s AI animation, live-action clips shot on location or anything in between. 

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