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Atlanta Video Production: 5 Great Video Shoot Locations in the ATL

Posted by Valerie Nolan on September 10, 2021

In this blog, we’ll look at a few great locations to shoot video in Atlanta – locations that can be perfect for movies, music videos, and corporate videos. Hopefully this list will provide video crews with several good locations for their Atlanta video productions.

1. Peachtree Street

In 1886, John Pemberton sold his first batch of Coca Cola in Jacob’s Pharmacy on the corner of Peachtree and Marietta Streets.

Atlanta’s, Peachtree Street, riddled with stories, history, and culture, is also home to the beautiful FOX theater, the High Museum of Art, and 1180 Peachtree St NW, also known as the “Batman Building.”

Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia offers video production crews a variety of options for their shoots. The historic FOX theater would be a great place to film any type of music piece – like maybe a solo acoustic performance, or various scenes for different types of movies.

The movies Identity Theft, Freejack, Sully and the creepy, One Missed Call, all have scenes filmed on Peachtree Street.

2. Senoia, Georgia

Just outside of Atlanta, about 40 miles southwest of Peachtree Street, you can find the little town of Senoia, Georgia. It’s quite beautiful and homey.

Although it’s a small town, traditional, friendly, and family-oriented, the town also has a hint of the big city. That’s because the town is a well-known filming location for many blockbusters. It’s not uncommon to see very well-known actors in a local restaurant or coffee shop.

The historic downtown square would make a great backdrop for a period piece. And the downtown area is also home to the iconic, Senoia Coffee and Cafe, a coffee shop most known for being a part of the hit TV show, The Walking Dead.

Other than being known for its role in zombie flicks, the town has beautiful historic buildings, old Southern homes, and a number of locations to shoot video. The movies, Fried Green Tomatoes, Miracles from Heaven, and In Dubious Battle are just a few other movie productions that have also been filmed in the quaint town just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

3. Centennial Olympic Park

This park was home to the 1996 Olympics and also is known for a tragic bombing that happened during a free concert.

There are better things to know about Centennial Olympic Park, however. It sits in a lush green outside area that would be beautiful scenery for any Georgia film. The park is also overlooked by the tall buildings of the iconic Atlanta, Georgia skyline – one that can signal to any viewer that a particular scene is in Atlanta, Georgia.

A number of different types of films could be filmed in Centennial Olympic Park. It would be a great place for any movie set in Atlanta, picnic scenes, outdoor walking scenes, and even nighttime scenes.

4. Smith’s Olde Bar

Smith’s Olde Bar is a great video production location. It’s a very well-known music venue. It has an upstairs stage for live bands and a smaller listening room for more intimate acoustic shows on the bottom floor. Also, it has atmosphere and lots of cool music history.

David Bowie, Train, Tom Morello, Collective Soul, Jennifer Nettles, and The Wallflowers are just a few of the acts that have performed at the legendary bar.

Other than world-famous talent, Smith’s Olde Bar has also been featured in the movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

If you are looking to shoot your video at a historic music venue with a bar that would rival that of Cheers, this would be a great location. Also, it’s another perfect location for any act looking to record a music video with a legendary backdrop and atmosphere.

5. Off the Buford Highway Exit

Some people familiar with the Atlanta area might be wondering how this one made it on to the list. However, just off of interstate 75, off of the Buford Highway Exit, Atlanta video production crews can find some very interesting places for their video shoots.

If you’re needing a seedy backdrop for your film or music video, this area has some old hotels that are a bit creepy, deserted, covered in graffiti, and a quick glance will make you wonder how and why did these buildings end up like they are.

The movies, Blended, Richard Jewell, A Walk in the Woods, and Six Pack have all been filmed off of Buford Highway.

Recap: Video Shoot Locations in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas, is home many historical landmarks, tall buildings, famous bars, and beautiful Georgia scenery.

It’s another top city that offers video production crewsa never-ending supply of video shoot locations – locations that are great for music videos, movie scenes, commercials, and well, zombies.

Looking to shoot your next video project in Atlanta, Georgia? Let’s chat, we can have you a professional video crew familiar with the area – ready to make your production a smash hit.


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