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Best Outdoor Film and Video Production Approaches for Your Brand

Posted by Kim Moseman on May 24, 2022

Does your company use video as part of its marketing, human resources or other digital media outreach strategies? If so, you’re in good company — per a recent Wyzowl survey, 86% of businesses make videos.

This raises a question: How do you make sure your clips stand out among all that competition? The answer may come from where you film. You can take your crew into the great outdoors to get the shots you’re looking for.

Why Go with On-Location Film and Video Production?

Outdoor location shots can add a distinctive feel to your corporate video productions — from marketing videos to internal human resources clips — as well as offering a near-endless selection of backdrops.

Even the parts of the outdoor filming process that add challenge and uncertainty, unpredictable weather among them, can be positives as well as negatives. After all, filming with a real sky behind your talent, whether it’s cloudy or sunny, will make your video seem more vibrant and alive than if it was shot on a green screen or a blank backdrop. No amount of visual effects can compete with Mother Nature.

By going outdoors for film and video production, you can create video content with a natural, authentic feeling that truly takes advantage of local landmarks as shooting locations. You can show off your regional pride and create strong associations for viewers while providing consumer information.

Video Outside CTA 1 scaled video production

What Are Some Useful Corporate Video Production Types?

Outdoor videos can take numerous forms, showing off any facet of your business. From seconds-long social media clips to live event streams that last for hours, there’s an endless range of possibilities, provided your camera operator crew has the skill to capture on-location footage. These include:

  • Interviews with the public: If you want to perform man-on-the-street interviews, an outdoor shoot is perfect — the non-studio location lends a sense of candidness and honesty.
  • “About us” videos: When you’re creating an introduction to your company, it can pay to include outdoor footage of your city, so viewers know where you come from. Aerial establishing shots filmed by drones may be especially effective.
  • Clips of products in action: Depending on what kind of items your company produces, going outdoors may be the only way to get convincing and compelling action footage for consumer information videos.
  • Promotional videos for trade events: Even if most of your coverage from a trade show will come from indoor events, some outdoor establishing shots, including drone shots, are a canny way to set the scene.
  • …and many more video types.

Outdoor video can serve many roles in your overall digital media strategy, provided you’ve made an effort to ensure the quality of the clips is high.

Why Work with an Expert Video Crew?

Even more so than a studio video, filming an outdoor clip calls for expert assistance. Professional video personnel can help you keep your video shoot on track, using their film production technique experience to counteract the unexpected factors that can slow your progress or impact the quality of the finished product.

The results of an outdoor video production can come down to important decisions such as:

  • Packing equipment such as light reflectors, lens filters and windshields for mics.
  • Planning extra time into the schedule to account for potential weather changes.
  • Ensuring the crew has proper permits for its chosen filming location.

Outdoor shoots are most likely to succeed when you work with professional video crew members who not only possess technique but also know their area. Their familiarity with the area, from traffic to weather patterns, can help you complete your production on time and under budget.
Crews Control teams combine a hard skill set — comprising video editing, visual effects and audio production — with long experience in their chosen regions. Download our ebook to learn more about the exciting potential of outdoor video.

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