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5 Reasons Customers Return for Your Video Production Service

Posted by Brad Spinsby on February 5, 2014

At a recent Communications Media Management Association conference in Nashville, Kirk Duffy from Cargill gave a presentation regarding the services he provides for Cargill’s internal customer. He polled his internal customers with the 5 reasons they use his video production services. Kirk said, “It changed the way I approached and delivered our distinctive values to our customers. It also let me know it was okay that we could not be everything to everyone.” Here are the customer’s answers from the least popular to most popular.

Reason 5: Cost

Cost is always a factor when you are working with a client, but according to Kirk, clients consider it the least when working with his internal video production service. Most clients understand the confines of their budget, or that quality comes at a cost.

Reason 4: Technical Capabilities

Twenty years ago video production technology was homogenous. Nowadays several brands, formats, and codecs make up the market. However, clients care more about the end product than the technology. Offering technical knowledge and providing the appropriate end product is more powerful than the specific technology you can supply.

Reason 3: Creativity

Creativity falls right in the middle of the list. Every client likes creative solutions to complex problems, but they don’t necessarily seek out video production services for these solutions. They seek out the production service to provide them with support on their project and creative guidance as needed.

Reason 2: Convenience

Often the public shops at a one-stop shop solely based on convenience. Offer your video production services with that in mind. If clients can seek your services for a large project or multiple requests in several locations and you can provide thorough and fast responses then you will have repeat business.

Reason 1: Trust

The number one reason clients choose a video production service vendor is trust. When you have a standard of quality and stand behind that standard, then you gain loyalty. Trust also encompasses honesty. If you are honest with your customer and they trust you, they will take your feedback to heart.

What do you find are some of the top reasons you have repeat video production customers? Please share with us.


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