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Mobile Apps in the Video Production World

Posted by Brad Spinsby on August 13, 2012

Not too long ago the phrase, “I have an app for that,” was meaningless babble. But today there are mobile applications for just about anything, even video production. Apps have become a disposable commodity changing and updated in the blink of an eye, so it is important to stay current. Having immediate resources for your location production make you look farsighted to your client. So, if you are looking for that beneficial app for your smart device, here are a few that may be useful for you location production:

Scenios: Scenios is a cloud-based software that can manage your video productions. It takes those thousand page production books and puts them to the cloud. With the Scenios app you can access any of your production contacts, create call sheets, track the real time progress of your productions, and access any information that you already built into the cloud. When the production is finished you can upload you footage and share rough cuts with your client for approval.

Pocket Light Meter by Nuwaste: With built in-camera light meters you can track hot spots of your image through the viewfinder. However sometimes light meters are still necessary to get that perfect control of the lighting, but they are expensive. Having an app that can accurately read light is the perfect alternative.

Movie Slate: Most corporate video productions don’t necessitate the use of a slate. However, with more frequent use of DSLR cameras dual system audio recording has become more frequent. So instead of investing in a slate you can get the Movie Slate app. The Movie Slate app has timecode plugin and will sync to another iOS device using Movie Slate. You can also log and send shot history; GPS location, timecode, shot log, with ease that only an app can provide.

AJA Data Calc: The AJA Data Calc provides easy way to tell a client/producer how much footage they can shoot at a certain resolution, frame rate, and codec quickly. This lets your client know how many minutes of footage they can shoot before you need to transfer the media off of the cards. The AJA Data Calc app can give you that calculation instantly from codes like AVC Intra, RedCode, XDCAM EX and many, many more.

ProPrompter: Tell me if this has ever happened to you; you’re on set and the talent can’t quite deliver their lines that they were supposed to memorize. The client didn’t budget for a teleprompter and it’s also too late to get one on location. You can save the day by using ProPrompter App on your Ipod or Ipad and use your smart device as a teleprompter.

FCP Field Guide from Moviola Studios: Location Editors are supposed to know Final Cut Pro from front to back, but memorizing the FCP manual can be daunting. So the next time you get stuck onsite doing an edit on Final Cut Pro the Moviola Studios FCP Field Guide app can perform quick searches and troubleshooting on the spot without thumbing through pages of manual.

There are hundreds of apps on the market for video production, and I have just selected a few. If your Chicago video crew has a favorite app that you use please share with us the app and what makes it great.

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