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Bebob Rouge ML-120 – Hot Swapping Dead Batteries

Posted by Brad Spinsby on June 21, 2011

Red Light. Green Light. Red Light. Green Light. Much like the children’s game, video production is a sporadic stop and go ordeal. As a director of photography, when your green light is up, the client wants you to make the most efficient use of your time, and there is nothing worse than equipment failure. The Bebob Rouge ML-120 hot swap adapter can eliminate that moment for the camera battery for the RED camera. The Bebob Rouge ML-120 will take over when the battery dies for 2 minutes, enough time to change batteries, and can hold up to 5 separate 2 minute charges on the adapter. When the ML-120 is not in use, it will charge using the normal battery and will be at full charge in approximately 40 minutes.

There is nothing worse than shooting an interview with a CEO of a large corporation and in the middle of the interview the battery dies. The ML-120 will not only take over for the 2 minutes for you to change the battery, but it has a 2-step alarm that will flash red and go solid on your LCD monitor to let you know how much time you have until the battery completely dies. The Bebob Rouge ML-120 mounts securely onto a RED camera battery with V-Mount plate, and the ML-120 will automatically switch from the hot swap adapter to the battery and back as well as self-charge. For any location production, equipment that can make a director of photography look prepared is beneficial. Have you ever used a hot-swap adapter on set during video production in Chicago or elsewhere? If so, what brand was it and what did you think of it?

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