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When Content is King, Video Rules

Posted by Andrea Keating on June 17, 2011

Video is on track to be the most widely used online application. It’s creating a new standard for corporate communicators in today’s marketplace. When your organization incorporates a video messaging strategy the goal is to achieve optimal engagement and branded influence, but the content of your messaging is what reveals that actual outcome.

Great content is what gets your audience to react to your video, share their thoughts and experience with others. If they aren’t inspired to interact and you aren’t achieving the branded influence you aimed for, it may be time to take a new approach to content creation.

Here’s a perfect example: BARS+TONE drives this message home with a short video they self-produced. It’s about generating organic search engine optimization (SEO) with video while also introducing the services of their unique creative agency. Take a look:

Like video production is a highly technical art, creative content development commands an in-depth competency also. When your company is faced with producing a video communications project, outsourcing creative talent is definitely worth considering. One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing creative talent for your video production is getting a deeper understanding of your business through a fresh perspective. Creative outsourcing enables you to have a view of your business, brand, and image from your audience’s perspective. The greatest impact you can have in communicating with your audience– and in expanding your reach, is to see your business from a new and fresh perspective.

Video on the web is where content producers and audiences get to tune in to each other. When you deliver great content you create brand awareness, effective corporate communication, and limitless PR for your company.

How are you using video in your communications strategy? Show us with links to your video the comments below.

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