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Spotlight on Gaggle

Posted by Rebekah Toth Burns on October 23, 2014

Gaggle provides school districts with safe on-line tools for students so that teachers can communicate, students can collaborate, and districts can offer a learning management system without worrying about inappropriate digital content. Gaggle’s classroom management system helps students organize assignments, use safe email, message boards, social media, and blogs that are all monitored.

Gaggle chose to create a marketing video for their website’s homepage that highlights their priorities of safety, learning, and systems integration. Becky Holzman, Crews Control Production Manager, hand-picked video crews in Atlanta, GA to capture testimonials on location at a tradeshow and Bloomington, IL to record employees at Gaggle’s headquarters.

Crews Control DP, Kevin Maggiore shot footage at an Atlanta, GA industry tradeshow. The challenge was to create different looks within the same tradeshow booth, this was achieved by using a grey backdrop with different colored gels. The crew had a 10×10 square foot space which they made work with a Fuji super wide lens. The tradeshow testimonials were recorded on a Panasonic AJ-HDX900 camera using a field recorder to provide the client with digital files.

Dave Cosby, Crews Control represented DP, was selected to capture footage in Bloomington, IL. Dave said, “Crews Control contacted us about the opportunity to work with Gaggle. We reached out to Rob Yoegel, Gaggle’s VP of Marketing who explained to us that he had already shot several customer testimonials on site at a convention and showed us a link. Because he really wanted to use those interviews in combination with new interviews with Gaggle staff and management, we made the suggestion that he consider using a camera with cine-style lens options to give the Gaggle headquarters a different look and feel. We recommended the Canon C300. The file format is fast and friendly to all NLE systems and with so many lens options we were able to get Rob several looks in the same area efficiently utilizing the time we had in Gaggle’s office. The time saved was put to good use and Rob was able to gather additional interviews with staffers for future use, nearly 25 in total.”

Dave continued, “Rob was also very receptive to the idea of using the office itself as the backdrop rather than a stuffy desk or the studio backdrop like the previous testimonials. The result is a lush active environment that truly represents the active and creative environment a progressive company like Gaggle. We think Rob did a great job using those interviews and B-roll to get Gaggle’s story out there.”


Q&A with Rob Yoegel the Vice President of Marketing at Gaggle

Q1: What services does Gaggle provide?

Gaggle has been providing safe online learning tools for the K-12 market since 1999. Our focus is, and always has been, on student safety so educators can have the confidence to allow learners to take advantage of current technology for communication, collaboration and productivity.

Q2: What is the purpose and end deliverable for the video within your organization?

We wanted to create a new company overview video that explained Gaggle, both from the perspective of our employees as well as our customers. Up until the release of this video, we had never done any video of this quality.

Q3: Who is the target audience for the piece?

We typically sell to schools and districts, hoping to reach their technology directors and other leaders involved in educational technology.

Q4: Since the video has been showcased has it been used for any other uses than intended like a Human Resources recruitment tool?

No, but with the help of Crews Control’s crews we were able to capture plenty of video to do countless more videos. Much more to come! We can’t produce them fast enough!

Q5: What was your experience working with your assigned Crews Control Production Manager Becky Holzman?

Becky was great. She listened to our needs and quickly understood what we wanted to accomplish. She was actually referred to me through a colleague at a prior job.

Q6: What was your experience working with the Crews Control’s crews Kevin Maggiore in Atlanta and Dave Cosby in Bloomington, IL?

Both crews were very attentive to our needs, were reliable, and conscious of everyone’s times. They offered ideas and suggestions that made our final product even better than what we expected. In fact, Dave Crosby especially provided ideas without prompting from us, which you might not expect from a “hired gun” who otherwise might just show up and do what’s in a contract or what he was just hired to do.

Q7: Is there anything else that you would like to say about the project?

Looking forward to working with Crews Control again!


Whether you are in the concept phase of a marketing video or have already captured some footage that you would like to match, our seasoned video crews can collaborate with your communications team to create visually appealing videos. Do you have any questions about this project or a project that you are working on, please contact us via our blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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