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Shoot All Day With A Hand Held Camera!

Posted by Andrea Keating on January 13, 2012


The CameraRibbon is a simple but extremely effective one piece design which takes the strain off a cameraman’s wrist, hands and back with a counterbalanced shoulder support. The result, a far more stable image without shake or jitter and less fatigue on long shoots.



It allows freelance camera operators and professional camera crews to stabilize prosumer cameras and Canon DSLR cameras like a shoulder-mounted camera. Its simplistic design makes it easy to use and it will not add volume to your camera kit. Every location production crew should check out the Camera Ribbon.





See it in Action:



(mobile users click here to view video)





3 Rig R CISRPAGAF100 copy CameraRibbon




Rig “R” shown above is for the Panasonic AG-AF100, HVX200 and HPX170 $ 349.95





2 RigD CISRC5D copy CameraRibbon




Rig “D” shown above is for the Canon 5D and 7D DSLRs with accessory viewfinders $ 349.95


Rig “QR” Quick Release model for Panasonic Cameras $ 469.95



For more information or to purchase the CammeraRibbon email: sales@cameraribbon.com





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