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Sound Devices Goes Visual with the Pix 240/220

Posted by Brad Spinsby on January 24, 2012


Sound Devices doesn’t sound like a company that would make a splash with a video mobile recording device, but they have in a big way. The Pix 220 and 240 are mobile video recorders that create up to 10-bit digital video files and transfer them to a compact flash of solid state drive. Not only can the Sound Devices Pix record from a tape to make an instantaneously digital file, it can convert resolutions of the file at the same time. The Pix 240 and 220 offers real-time conversion from 1080i to 1080p to 720p and allows you to cross, up, and down covert. Sound Devices also lives up to its name and gives you several additional audio inputs on the Pix device. The Pix 240 and 220 have two low noise, high bandwidth inputs that are mic/line switchable. These inputs include limiters, high pass filters, and can generate 48V of phantom Power.



Mobile Recording Devices are a great versatile resource for your camera. The Pix 240 can generate timecode either with gen lock or a world clock generator. For a tape-based camera you can use the Pix 240 without using a tape to engage timecode. This can completely eliminates tape costs. The Pix 240 also offers both input and output HDMI and HD-SDI for high quality in from the camera and out to an external device. The Pix 220 only offers the HDMI input and output. Both the Sound Device 240 and 220 can get you an Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, or .mov file for whatever editing system your need or a client needs. The Pix also has a 5” inch LCD monitor, so it can act as an onboard monitor on location. Given that producers or clients can change the shoot specifications in the blink of an eye, the Pix 240 and 220 offer great versatile solutions to change file or format while offer great additional benefits.



What have you heard about the Pix 240 or 220? Good? Bad? Does is sound like a product you could use or can you share a better solution?


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