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Cloud-computing firm Scenios connects the dots at NAB

Posted by Andrea Keating on April 3, 2013


A Q&A with Andrea Keating, CEO, Crews Control

and Mark Davis, CEO, Scenios



Be sure to stop by the camera Crews Control booth (#C12431) at this year’s NAB show, where we’ll also be featuring exciting new offering from our sister company, cloud-based software provider Scenios. These new innovations are an addition to Scenios’ enterprise video production platform, and the goal is the same: To enable corporate customers to better manage their in-house video productions. Before we all hit the road, we sat down with Scenios CEO Mark Davis to get the lowdown.



Andrea Keating: So, what’s new at Scenios that you’ll be debuting at NAB 2013 in April?



Mark Davis: Like last year, I’ll be giving the keynote speech in the Cloud Computing Conference. The theme is “Connecting the Dots” with production-related software that you can use in the cloud.



Andrea Keating: The idea is that you’ll be connecting different software tools to streamline your production process?



Mark Davis: That’s right. We’ll be unveiling a new screenwriting application, like Final Draft, but it’s pasted in the cloud. I’ll give a demo and highlight the fact that this app is directly connected to our Shoot Schedule app. And, for the first time ever, it will be possible to integrate the script and shoot schedule. So if you make a change to the script, it directly makes the change in the shoot schedule.



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Andrea Keating: Is this a breakthrough in production management workflow?



Mark Davis: We think so! And it’s an example of what it means to connect apps in the cloud.

We’ll also be releasing our new App Center in Scenios. Now, you’ll be able to go in and install a dozen new apps for your project. Our customers were able to do this before, but it was limited to administrators. We opened it up so that all the people working on a project can install applications—like contact lists, calendar, file cabinet, purchase orders, and more.






It’s another example of how you can connect the dots with the production house when it’s in the cloud.



Andrea Keating: If you are videographer, you are dealing with video files. Are there any apps that are specific for them?



Mark Davis: There’s an app called Video Hub, which enables videographers to upload video files and then use professional formats like Apple Pro Res to share them securely with the people working on production.



Within App Center at Scenios, you can also do reviews, approvals, shot logging, and email a watermarked screening copy. This not only makes it easy to upload and share, but it’s now easy to distribute your files to everyone working on the project—all from the cloud.






Andrea Keating: Working in the cloud is an amazing advance in technology. It was a new idea just a few years ago. Do you think that more people are comfortable with it now?



Mark Davis: I do. Production in the cloud has grown to a point where people are less confused about how it works, and they more fully understand the value of it. In fact, more people are making decisions on how they execute their shoots based on the tools and apps they can use that live in the cloud. This truly is a breakthrough that is taking off like crazy. We’re excited to be at the center of this, and to unveil our new tools in the Crews Control booth.






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