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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Pins

Posted by Kacey Trent on March 21, 2013


Pinterest is not just about fancy clothes, delicious recipes, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts, or wedding planning anymore. The Social media platform is taking the internet by storm and not only relating to B2C marketing professionals but has now targeted a B2B marketing audience. B2B businesses are starting to jump on the bandwagon of this rapidly growing internet trend. Pinterest has gone mainstream in just a few short years and is no longer a niche channel for consumers. In the past Pinterest has been a haven to creative marketing supplying consumers with an overflow of useful information, pictures, and ideas. Now the blossoming social media platform is stepping out of the norm and stepping over to the corporate side of things, housing well-known brand savvy B2B businesses such as AMD, FedEx, and Constant Contact, just to name a few.


Pinterest statistics

Pinterest is rapidly growing in the social media realm and it looks as though consumers and businesses alike are catching on to the pinning movement. As of February 2013 Pinterest was named number four among social media sites just under Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with a little over 37 million visits per week. So if you are considering expanding your company’s social presence, then you may want to consider Pinterest before other networks like LinkedIn or Google+.


An interesting fact to point out is that 80% of Pinterest pins are actually repins. This means 80% of the engagement done on Pinterest, are users sharing other users content. So it makes sense that Pinterest would be the #6 most used platform for content distribution. How is the important to the B to B or corporate marketing? Ie…this is viral marketing for them


B2B Pinterest Marketing Examples


b2b pinterest boardAMD, an innovative technology company, is using Pinterest to engage their audience from a manufacturer’s perspective. Their boards consist of everything from products, partners, events, comical representations of the industry, to technically entertaining gadgets to house their equipment.


FedEx is using their Pinterest page to tell its clients the story of the transportation industry and the loyalty of the FedEx brand. Their page is illustrated with boards about their sponsorship, community involvement, special deliveries, family, and sustainability.


Constant Contact, a leading online marketing provider chooses to engage their spectators by exemplifying how they are going to create and grow customer relationships. Their Pinterest page is comprised of mixed content from e-mail tips, social media tips, tricks and infographics, to marketing humor.


We’ll See You On Pinterest


I am confident to assume that content distribution between B2B marketers is going to expand as rapidly as their attendance within the Pinterest Empire. Pinterest is not a fad that is going to fade away anytime soon, from what I can tell Pinterest is here to stay and its possibilities are endless.


pinterest visitors


We would like to hear from you folks and see how you are using Pinterest for your company.

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