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Company Spotlight on Centerline Digital

Posted by Andrea Keating on October 3, 2012


When I think of companies with a high IQ (Innovation Quotient, that is), Centerline Digital pops to mind. For more than 15 years, we have been working with this digital marketing agency based in Raleigh, NC. The Crews Control team is always excited to get a call from their producers because the videos we help them shoot are always exciting, cutting-edge, and really interesting to work on.


Case In Point



One of our Paris-based crews was contracted last year to help Centerline’s account exec Erin Craft shoot customer testimonials in town for her client, IBM. Not only was the shoot interesting to work on, but Erin was so impressed with the Paris film crews that she had them flown to Thailand to shoot another testimonial at the Bank of Siam for IBM Power Systems. See that video here.



I recently had the opportunity to talk with Erin, who has been with Centerline for nearly a decade.



Andrea Keating: When we started working with Centerline back in the late 1990s, you had 12 employees. But you have seen tremendous growth in the last decade.



Erin Craft: That’s right! We now have 80 employees, and as I sit here talking to you by phone, I am looking at all of them through the windows in my office. We believe in collaboration, in every sense of the word, and being together in one big space is a great way to encourage us to work as a team.



Andrea Keating: Tell us a little about your clients.



centerline 2Erin Craft: We have several main accounts with very large corporations, including IBM, Lowe’s home improvement stores, and Google. And while we do most of their work in-house, Crews Control is one of the only companies we outsource to. It has been this way since long before I joined Centerline nine years ago, and it’s a business relationship that we are very happy to have.



Andrea Keating: And we are very glad to be your video partner. What is it that we do that is most beneficial to you and your clients?



Erin Craft: As a digital content agency, we focus on building a strong creative strategy for the client, and that centers around creating content for everything they use to market themselves. That includes video for in-house and B2C communications, as well as 3D and 2D animation. And we travel around the world—all the time—to get the right content for the videos. So when it comes to finding the right crew to shoot the footage, we call Crews Control. Every crew we have worked with has been highly professional, easy to get along with, and as creative as we are. It’s a great fit.



Andrea Keating: Can you give us an example of a recent shoot?



centerline 3Erin Craft: We recently worked together in Memphis when we were creating a documentary- style video for IBM for one of its clients, the Memphis Police Department. We did a series of interviews for a YouTube video about how IBM helped them improve their ability to track and find criminals. It was a really interesting shoot, and what was great was that we worked with the Crews Control team to tell a story—not just capture footage. The final product was exactly what we hoped for. See that video here.



Not only that, but because Crews Control is working with the clients of our client, it often requires a lot of patience to ensure that everyone is comfortable with what we are putting together. So in addition to being great technicians and storytellers, Crews Control is always able to help us problem-solve any issue that arises. This business is all about having strong relationships, and Crews Control is part of the solution that helps us, and our clients, meet their business goals.



Andrea Keating: Would you recommend Crews Control to a colleague?



Erin Craft: Definitely!


More about Centerline Digital



We’re a random but talented bunch driven by industry savvy and wickedly creative minds. Around here, we count on insight from every member of the team. You may see a 3D motion designer talking business strategy with a VP. Or a director helping improve the project management cycle. But what you’re sure to find is the fresh, compelling content we create.



It’s not about what we do. It’s about doing it better every time. From staying ahead of digital technology trends to reducing our energy footprint, we think it’s our duty to evolve. That’s why we’re constantly innovating how we work and what we produce.



Our standards are pretty high. We live for accountable creative strategy driven by a fierce competitive streak. Because we don’t want more of more, we want more of better. That goes for our people, our clients, and our work. For more information, visit www.centerline.net.


We Are Centerline Digital




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