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What Does “Delighting Your Customers” Mean When It Comes to Video?

Posted by Valerie Nolan on March 22, 2017

Trying to get your message heard online in 2017 is extremely difficult. There’s more content out there than ever before, and all your competitors are trying to rise above it, too. If you want to actually find your audience, you need to start delighting the customers you already have. You’ll notice a number of important benefits:

  • Retention rates improve. Attracting new customers is more expensive than keeping existing customers, and happy customers are likely to spend more than a brand-new customer is, anyway. Boosting your retention rate will have a strong impact on your bottom line, no matter how well you’re already performing.
  • More referrals. People simply don’t trust companies the way that they use to. Delighted customers will be happy to recommend you to their family, friends, and colleagues. Not only is it free marketing, but it’s extremely effective, too.
  • Stops price competition. You can compete on price if you wish, but the problem is that there’s nothing differentiating you from anybody else. If somebody undercuts your price, you’ve lost the only edge you had. It’s also basic math – the less you charge, the less you make. When you’re delighting your customers, though, you have good reason to charge a premium.

Clearly, delighted customers are extremely valuable. The question is exactly how do you go about delighting them? Video is an excellent tool to do just that. Here are seven tips for creating video content that goes above and beyond, engaging and delighting your audience:

1. Have Some Fun

When you’re churning out a steady stream of content, it’s easy to get into a groove, focusing on the same informative topics over and over again. If you really want to delight your customers, you need to break out of this model and have some fun with your content. Show them your personality and don’t be afraid to poke fun of your own brand a bit. If you can make your customers laugh and show them the faces at your company, they’ll have a much better idea of who you are and how you can help them.

2. Use Your Customers

A great way to delight your customers is showing them that they’re not alone. Use existing success stories and case studies to highlight problems your current audience is likely facing and how you solved them. This delights your audience by showing them two things. First, it shows them that you understand what problems they’re facing and that you have a way to solve them. Second, it shows that you’ve been able to successfully solve these problems for other similar customers, and delighted them enough to speak on your behalf.

Video content

Referrals are a great way to increase your reach by turning your audience into your sales force.

3. Show Them Some Respect

Just because you took the time to create something doesn’t mean your audience has the time or desire to watch it right away. Make sure to show your customers respect by giving them the chance to seek you out instead of spamming them with your content. Ensure that everything you create is high-quality and worthy of your brand’s name. Finally, respect your audience’s time by keeping everything short and sweet. This vastly improves their chances of finishing the video and completing a CTA or sharing it with others.

4. Go Beyond Their Expectations

If you’re only providing the bare minimum with your content, you’re not going to delight anybody – you’ll simply satisfy their curiosity. Take the time to think about what somebody would expect from the video you’re putting together and think about ways to take it to the next level. It can be something small like a bonus tip or a short post-video blooper reel, As long as you find a way to exceed their expectations, you’ll make sure they end your video with a smile on their face.

5. Provide Support – Especially for New Customers

When you bring on a new customer, it’s one of the most important moments in your relationship. They’ve put their trust in you and handed over their money, so the pressure is squarely on you to deliver. That’s why it’s critical to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. You should create plenty of video content that helps users get started with your product and solve their most common issues. Not only will this delight your audience, but it’ll also take a great deal of burden off of your own support team, giving them the chance to spend more time on each customer, delighting them even further.

Video content

A simple way to provide exceptional customer service is by leveraging video content.

6. Personalize Content

Your customers don’t want to feel like you’re targeting thousands of people with your content. They want to feel like you’re targeting them specifically. This means you need to do a lot of research and target very specific audiences. Instead of speaking generally, talk about how you can help customers in a specific industry or location, or of a specific size. You might cast a slightly smaller net, but the audience you do catch will end up much happier for it.

7. Prove You’re Listening

The real key to delighting your customers is proving that you listen to them. Be clear with your messaging and make any claims that can’t be easily backed up. When you find that people tend to have the same question over and over again, address it with video content to answer it proactively. Use analytics to figure out exactly what type of content your audience wants and focus on that.

If you’re having problems delighting your customers and want to use video to do it, let us know. We’ll help you find the perfect crew for your project, no matter what type of video you’re shooting or where you need to shoot it. With crews all around the world waiting to assist you, your videos will be sure to delight your audience. To get started, all you have to do is click here for a free quote.

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