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Handheld Camera Stabilizer System: The CameraRibbon

Posted by Tony Muzzatti on September 18, 2012

If your crew has ever shot video with a handheld camera you understand the importance of a camera stabilizer. They serve a very important role in getting professionally crafted steady shots in run & gun or ENG style shooting situations. There are many options on the market, but one in particular stands out because of its simple design and ergonomic features.


What Is A CameraRibbon?



Canon C300 scThe CameraRibbon was made primarily for ENG style shooting, where steadiness, light weight, speed and balance are essential…and no assembly is required. It is crafted from a single ribbon of 1/8th inch solid aircraft grade aluminum which is sized for various camera models. Using aircraft grade aluminum gives the CameraRibbon its light weight and durability features making it easier and lighter than carrying around a tripod. It also utilizes a sturdy one inch diameter solid aluminum, rubber covered hand grip to allow for a very comfortable and stable point of contact. On the back is a small vinyl covered lead counterweight mounted low on the back of the ribbon provides counterbalance.



One of the main features to the CameraRibbon is the four points of contact the videographer has with the camera. The shoulder, the camera, the handgrip, and the viewfinder are the points of contact a camera operator will have when using this stabilizer. This allows, not only for a very stable shot, but for a less fatigued camera operator. With four points of contact the weight can be distributed throughout the upper body of the camera operator allowing for longer periods of filming and less wear & tear on the videographer.



There are 2 different rigs that support the different camera models, one for standard handhelds and the other for DSLR shooters. There is an optional quick release add-on for the CameraRibbon, but it is limited to handheld models only (not DSLRs).


Compatible Camera Models:



cameraribbon 1


    • Sony EX1R


    • Sony FS100


    • Canon XF300


    • Canon XF 305


    • Panasonic AG-AF100


    • Panasonic HVX200


    • Panasonic HPX170


    • Panasonic HVX200


    • Canon 5d Mark 3


    • Canon 5d Mark 2


    • Canon 7d


    • Nikon D800




If you are an ENG or run & gun style shooter and you own one or more of the above mentioned camera models, you might want to take a serious look into the CameraRibbon stabilizer system. It has been proven on many rugged day long handheld ENG style shoots with great success and minimal fatigue. It is an American made and manufactured product that was invented by a Crews Control Camera Operator. For more information on the CameraRibbon or to purchase one, you can visit cameraribbon.com or you can find the product on B&H Photo-Video and Fullcompass.com.




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