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i-cuff Viewfinder Eyecups

Posted by Tony Muzzatti on September 28, 2012

The only viewfinder eyecup in the world your camera crew needs that’s breatheable, minimizing fogging, cuts the light like no other whether wrapping around glasses or up against the face. Washable, waterproof and will take over 100,000 rubs before it needs replacing. Comfortable, soft ultrasuede fabric against the face rather than the uncomfortable rubber that gets hot and cold and smears. Rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise to act as a shade over the viewfinder while shooting away from the face whether overhead, or under arm down low!


    • Velco straps for individualized positioning & personalized fit


    • Contoured wrap around design


    • Superior light-blocking


    • Works fablously with or without glasses


    • Fits most pro and semi-pro video/film cameras


    • Ultrasoft chamois offers the ultimate in comfort


    • Waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and washable hi-tech fabric




See what you’ve been missing…



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