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Need to Make Your Brand Stand Out? Do It with Video

Posted by Ashley Brook on January 20, 2017

If your business isn’t growing throughout the upcoming year, you’re doing something wrong, and a stagnant business is in danger. Luckily, you can drive growth if you’re able to do one simple thing – build your brand.

Let’s discuss exactly why you should focus on your brand over the next twelve months, and why video needs to be a big part of those plans.

Why Branding is Important

In 2017, brands are more important than ever. Companies such as Jaguar, Range Rover, and Cadbury weren’t bought and sold for their employees or operational capabilities, they were valuable simply because of their brand. This shouldn’t be surprising, as today’s brand names are valuable for a variety of reasons.

First, you need to simply think of the way that business, especially business-to-consumer, is done today. People have access to an incredible amount of choices thanks to the Internet, and it’s easy to simply find the cheapest price or somebody who can ship it for free. If you want to avoid competing against everybody else on price like this, you need to develop a strong brand name. Not only will you be able to stand out from the competition, but you can even convince them to pay a premium.

It’s also important to spend time building your brand because of how easy is for your audience to impact it. With social media and online review sites so accessible, you can easily lose control of your brand if you’re not actively building it.

Finally, branding builds trust. When you’re able to connect with your audience and become synonymous with your industry, you’re instantly credible. Because people are more likely to buy something from a company that they know is legitimate, you’ll have a much better chance of retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

Exploring the Benefits and Strategies of Video Branding

Now that it’s clear why working on building your brand is so important, it’s good to understand how video is an integral part of those efforts. Studies show that people remember only 10% of things that they hear and 20% of things that they read. However, by combining them into a more sensory experience, such as a video, they’ll remember far more than that. Consider the impact that music or simple colors can have on your emotions. It’s obvious that video offers a great deal of power.

Here are some examples of ways you can use corporate video to start branding right away:

  • Introductory videos. It’s always best to introduce yourself face-to-face, but that’s not always possible. Video is highly personable and the next best thing. You can add a quick introduction to your homepage or pin it at the top of your social media profile. It gives anybody who stumbles on your brand an easy way to learn exactly who you are.
  • Reviews or case studies. People are going to buy into your message easier when somebody else is telling it. Take the time to film some of your satisfied or most prominent customers speaking about a problem you helped them fix. Not only does it strengthen the relationship between you and that particular customer, but it shows everybody else that you’re able to help solve their problems, too.
  • Thought leadership. Building a corporate brand means positioning your company as an expert at something. You should create videos that take firm positions and express them clearly. These videos can be quick and simple, as long as you make sure they’re engaging and informative. Even if people disagree with what you’re saying, they’ll appreciate that you’re taking a stand and recognize the knowledge and experience you’re bringing to the table.

Finally, you’ll want to keep in mind that videos can really provide your brand a boost in more traditional ways. One great example is SEO. Posting quality video can have a dramatic impact on your search ranking. You can even boost your rankings on non-traditional search engines, such as YouTube, by creating great content and taking the time to write keyword-rich descriptions.

Corporate communications

High quality video content helps you stand out from the rest of your industry as a true leader.

Two Examples of World-Class Corporate Video Branding

One of the best ways to get started building your brand with video content is taking a look at companies that have already had a ton of success doing so. Below are two examples of companies that were able to do just that.

Google Android created the most shared video advertisement in 2015, and it stands as a great piece of corporate branding. In order to drive home the point that Android allowed users to enjoy a shared experience, they put together a video of various animals being friendly with each other. It was simple, cute, and powerful. It’s the perfect example of how simplicity (and cuteness) is sometimes your best bet.

Dollar Shave Club is perhaps the best-known example of a humorous corporate ad going viral. It hits the viewer hard at the start and keeps going, driving their message – how great and inexpensive their blades are – while keeping the viewer entertained. Because of this, it was hugely successful. After only 48 hours of the video being posted onto YouTube, well over 10,000 new customers signed up for their services. The message is clear – if you’re going to try and be funny, commit yourself fully and don’t pull any punches.

No matter how powerful your brand is, it’s important that your corporate videos are professional and polished. A bad video is a bad reflection on your brand. To make sure that your next video is exceptional, make sure to reach out to us here at Crews Control. We’ll help you find the perfect video crew for your next video project, no matter how big or small it is. Simply click here to get a quote for a video crew anywhere in the world!content?Action=tp&cid=51701 corporate communications

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