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Panasonic VariCam HS

Posted by Tony Muzzatti on May 20, 2014

At the 2014 NAB convention Panasonic unveiled the third generation of the VariCam camera series, the VariCam HS and its big brother the VariCam 35. These cameras are the first modular style professional video cameras Panasonic has ever designed. It seems like Panasonic looked into the future (or at the RED Scarlet), and what they saw was camera’s being mixed and matched with different recorders and lenses, so they kept that in mind when they set out in designing the new camera series. What they have done that is different from the competition is drawn a line between their high-speed camera and cinema camera.



Panasonic HS Varicam(1)


The VariCam HS (High-Speed) incorporates Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA family of video codecs which is good because if there’s one thing Panasonic does well, it’s their compression codecs. Another highlight of the VariCam HS is that it supports 12-bit recording for 1080p content, giving you 4:4:4 sampling while it utilizes the AVC-Intra Class 4:4:4 compression codec. That makes this camera ideal for shooting green screen, composite shots, or anything you might need to color correct.

The VariCam HS was not meant for shallow depth of field shooting. This camera was meant to capture things in clear focus like a sporting event where there is lot of action and movement within the frame. The VariCam HS would also work well shooting nature scenes; you have the versatility of capturing at 240fps without sacrificing any quality. This is the type of camera you would use when shooting a green screen background.

Panasonic is pushing for a fall 2014 release for both the VariCam HS and the VariCam 35. For more information about features download this very comprehensive Panasonic P2 line up.


What do you think about Panasonic’s approach to the 4K market? What are your thoughts on the VariCam HS? Do you have any specific areas you will be filming in with these devices? Discuss it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIN.

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