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Put on a Happy Face: Corporate Event Planning Video

Posted by Valerie Nolan on October 23, 2013

Event planners are doing more now than ever before. They are the backbone and visual wizards for corporate events. They allow their imaginations to come to life with eye catching visual displays and set up the perfect itinerary that caters to every want and need of their guests. But, behind the scenes there is a new trend arising, and it is one that is very beneficial to any corporate event. Although event planners are very critical to a successful event, videographers are also coming into play by creating memories for the beneficiaries and attendees by the means of a “Happy Face Video”. A Happy Face Video is exactly what it sounds like, a video with lots of happy faces!

What Is a Happy Face Video?

Corporate event planning videos are videos that encompass all the things that went on during the duration of an event, whether it is a day, a weekend, or a week. These videos are usually called “Candid’s” or, “Happy face videos” event in which a multiple-day event is covered by a video crew, including speakers, break-out sessions, awards ceremonies and local recreational activities in which the conventioneers participate. Happy Face Videos show all the fun activities, seminars, networking and smiling faces that went on during the period of the event. An on-site editor then creates a short video presentation that is shown before the close of the convention. Many associations take advantage of the convention venue to gather interviews of their principals, setting up a green screen or other type of background in a secluded room. Happy face videos bring an event to life, it is the last thing attendees will remember of their stay, and allow them to reminisce of how much fun they had while learning their trade and meeting new people in the field. These videos are the most important detail to any successful event; all attendees will go home pleased, eager, and enthusiastic to come back for your next exhibition.

Happy Face Videos: A Few Examples of Who is Doing Them Right?



This Happy Face Video is made by JobAccess and covers a variety of events at their conference. This video has a nice balance of establishing the venue and energy of the event and puts the viewer and attendees first and foremost with the personalized interviews of both attendees and staff.





BioRad CDG 2010 NSM Corporate Recap Video from John Thiessen Films on Vimeo.



This Bio-Rad corporate recap video can be best described by production company Cre8inMOTION owner John Theissen “This event was held in beautiful Arizona in January 2010, the clinical diagnostics division had a great time shaking it up during the “Expedition Bio-Rad” themed meeting. This company always does it right!”


DOs of Executing the Perfect Happy Face Video


    • DO ask the venue events coordinator if the location is union or non-union plenty of time before the event. Union crews require differen t contracts, terms and payments.


    • DO get the size of each room where you will be recording video from the venue events coordinator. If you are recording a presentation and the camera crew needs to be set up in the back of the room they will need a riser and perhaps a long lens to capture the presenters. Contact your crew with the room specs and they will be happy to tell you what extra equipment they may need and what the rates will be.


    • DO hire an Audio Technician as a part of the crew. They may be able to get a feed from the house sound provided by your A/V Company during presentations or will provide their own feed to the camera. An audio technician is invaluable for all location audio like sound bites on the golf course.


    • DO understand the event time table from the cameras crews’ point of view. The crew needs to arrive an hour to two hours prior to the event beginning and take an hour to gather their equipment and leave depending on the location and type of shoot. The crew arrival time is the call time and the time it takes to leave is the wrap time. They will also need a break for lunch. Overtime may occur if the time on site exceeds the contracted amount. Share the schedule with the crew in advance. Let them know what needs to be recorded. If needed build overtime for the crew into the budget.


    • DO understand logistics for the building. The crew may need to load gear from a service entrance.


    • DO Contact the venue coordinator to inquire if any additional insurance is required for the venue by the crew.

What’s Trending?

Happy Face Videos themselves seem to be trending within every event around the world. Corporate America is seeing the benefit with these types of videos on every platform from employee happiness to community awareness of their corporation. Happy Face Videos are nothing but a benefit to any function and their cost is a mere afterthought when the final product surfaces.

Now stop waiting and book your next shoot with Crews Control, either call our offices and speak with one of your amazing production Managers. We will make sure our happy faces make your next happy face video come to life!

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