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Slow It Down with the Phantom Miro M320S

Posted by Cricket Capucci on August 3, 2012


Let’s be honest, watching things happen in ultra-slow motion is pretty spectacular. It doesn’t have to be an explosion or crash, with slow motion even water boiling can be eventful. Vision Research’s Phantom Cameras are the forerunner of slow motion cameras. Their newest camera the Phantom Miro M320S is a portable high-speed camera and it offers a plethora of camera spec options as well as a multitude of in-camera menus that customize the perfect slow motion for your project. The Miro M320S can shoot above HD in 1920 x 1200 resolution with 12 bit depth, in an astonishing 1380 frames per second. You can order the M320S in a variety of lens mounts to use with your existing lenses; Canon E0S, 35mm mount PL, and Nikon F and C mounts. It comes standard with an internal battery and a 12GB internal drive and Phantom offers their Cineflash SSD up to 240GB. The Cineflash comes with a docking station that can transfer the card at up to 4GB/minutes, which means you could potentially transfer the whole 240GB Cineflash in 60 minutes.



Phantom Camera Systems also offers an add-on monitor, the Phantom RCU, which connects via the HD-SDI port on the camera. The Phantom RCU monitor mounts directly on top of the M320S for full portability. As well as working as a monitor, the RCU taps into the camera options so you can set your frame and focus, change capture setting, trigger and even edit the shot right through the RCU device. Without the RCU, you can playback through any HD-SDI monitor. The Miro M320s also has a minute size, weighing in at only 3 pounds and is less than 8 inches long. With this portability and wealth of options, settings, and accessories the M320S might be the perfect addition to your cameras for slow-motion applications in industrial, commercial, and even corporate uses. If you close your eyes and use a little imagination you can dream of a million applications for slow motion shooting. If you think shooting at 1320 frames per second at 1920 x 1200 is fast, the Miro can shoot up 325000 frames per second at 64 x 8. What you could do with that? Who knows?




Crews Control Podcast on the Phantom Miro M320S | Information Overdrive






In addition:


Vision Research is teaming up with AbleCine for a contest that showcases the camera’s unique capabilities. Together they will select four finalists to receive training and one week with a complete Miro M320S package to put their ideas into motion. To further inspire you, one Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a brand new Phantom Miro M320S package courtesy of Vision Research. Additional prizes, consisting of AbelCine rental certificates with a combined value of over $10,000, will be awarded to the 2nd place winner and runners-up.



challenge web 2AA




What is the coolest thing you’ve shot with a slow motion camera? Here is a great sample!




  1. I did play Phantom Hourglass! (And I have the special eodiitn Zelda DS Lite that came out around that time too.) I hated all the sneaking around in that dungeon until you were able to just kill the phantoms. After that, it wasn’t so bad for me XD;; I can do that entire thing with almost full time left over.

  2. Hi,

    I am using Miro M320S. I need to connect microscope objective to my camera. can you please advise me a suitable c mount for my camera.

    thanks in advance.

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