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The Crews Control Spotlight Is On: microgigantic

Posted by Andrea Keating on September 5, 2012

The executive producer/co-founder of the new Minneapolis-based company, microgigantic, is a 22-year veteran of commercial, corporate, and interactive film production.



The business plan for his start-up is to be the solution for mid-size projects. He’ll accomplish that goal by building a branding, communication, and production consortium, which creates and produces content for corporate and event video, in-store digital marketing, broadcast, online, web, mobile, and out-of-home experiences.



Bennett has boatloads of experience in this arena, and for the last seven years was the senior group manager of media production at Target. There, he drove strategy and creative execution for traditional and emerging media vehicles, ranging from the smallest portable devices to the nation’s most advanced, large-scale urban screens. He led the team of broadcast, content, and interactive producers responsible for delivering branded communication to Target’s internal, in-store, online, broadcast, and out-of-home audiences.



Prior to his tenure at Target, Bennett spent 13 years working in Minneapolis and Los Angeles producing award-winning television commercials for national and international clients that included Target, MTV, P&G, Kimberly Clark, and Coors Brewing. As executive producer for the now defunct web publisher Kick Media, he managed the day-to-day operations and fiscal health of 16 online magazines.


Dipping into “The Froth Versus the Coffee” Analogy



Cup of Coffee With all of this experience under his belt, Bennett has developed a keen ability to sense shifts in the video industry. In the last year or so, the man who attributes his success to forming strong relationships says he saw more video work being generated—and not enough agencies willing to take on the smaller projects.



cappuccino“I realized this was an entrepreneurial opportunity that I couldn’t pass up,” he explains. “I think of it as ‘the froth versus the coffee’ analogy, in that big agencies are missing about 75 percent of the potential video market because they are focused solely on the biggest firms with the biggest budgets. That leaves millions of dollars available to those who are willing to accept slightly smaller projects from lots of mid-sized organizations.”



With his partner, music producer Rick Meyer (Co-founder of Rumble Music and GoKart Labs), Bennett is confident that in the years to come, microgigantic will snag a huge portion of the “coffee beneath the foam.” Open for only a few weeks before this interview, Bennett says he already has three clients, including the online company Plato Learning.


How comfortable are you with change?



To find out, Bennett suggests asking yourself: Are you comfortable with ambiguity?



“This was one of the interview questions for prospective producers at Target, and it was really important for us to know about an employee because we were so insanely busy, and everything was constantly in flux,” he shares. “In fact, my calendar may be clear at 10 a.m., but by 10:15 I could be booked solid with 10 projects to do. The rate of change was exponential, and I ate that up because I am bored if things are not changing.”



But if you aren’t comfortable with that speed of change, then know it about yourself, Bennett insists.



“Rather than making yourself nuts, hire a firm that thrives on change—like microgigantic, and Crews Control—and take some of the pressure off. Life is too short not to be doing what makes you sing.”


What does microgigantic do?



MicroGAbout microgigantic: We just want to be a small part of your huge.



We’re microgigantic—a brand, communications, and production consortium based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We create and produce content for any screen, anywhere.



We are a passionate, experienced team that understands the power of brand. We work collaboratively with our clients and are flexible to your needs. We’re here to help. We get it, and we’ll take care of it.



Collectively, our leadership team has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. We know brand management, marketing, music, film, production, web, and communication.



We cut our teeth at some of the biggest and best agencies and brands in the market, including Target, Best Buy, JCPenney, Kmart, GAP, Macy’s, ABC TV, MTV, P&G, Kimberly Clark, Coors Brewing, The Cherokee Group and many more.



We understand the competitive environment and know how to deliver to the highest standards. We handle projects start to finish, or seamlessly collaborate with your internal teams. Regardless of the process, we focus on you.



Services include; In-store digital and video marketing, broadcast, corporate and event video, digital, online. and mobile, out-of-home experiences.



For more information, visit microgigantic.com.


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