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The VSEO in Video Productions

Posted by Andrea Keating on July 8, 2011

Creative Asset Management is a key component of the video performance strategy. Implementing a content management strategy before shooting will help you to optimize your content for video search engine optimization (VSEO) if you intend to publish your content to the web, or for internal use, will help you manage locating, tracking, and building your content library. Whether you’re producing a video to publish for the viral or internal use, on or offline, here are some tips for implementing a strategy to fully optimize your content.

Documentation is Money

The more documentation you have for your project, the richer your content will be. Get into the habit of fleshing out all the details of your video in a written word document. Having your script, shoot location, subjects’ names, wardrobe, content topics, shot list, transcript, and purpose of your video in a word doc is vital to managing, indexing, archiving, and repurposing your footage for later use.

Procure your content’s usability in writing when it’s easiest to create– in the preproduction stage. Later you’ll be able to refer to this document for your creative asset management. This doc is your source for identifying accurate key words/phrases, creating keyword-rich content descriptions, metadata optimization, database and web searchability, and quick recovery of data.

You’ll want to be able to locate clips, subjects, quotes, create anchor content, and manage licensed content within your video without having to peruse footage later for useable data. The value of your footage is directly related to how rich your production documentation is. Your video content is an asset and to get the most value from your video production your strategy should be to make it as repurposeable an asset as it can be. Documentation is a ‘best practice’ for creative asset management that will help you simplify the search engine optimization process in the distribution stage of your video production. It’s easier to make the effort to document your video before shooting rather than later paying to manually document your data from notes or the finished product.

Bridging Media Technology and Communications

Creative Asset Management software programs like as Adobe Bridge allow editors to add and modify in-file metadata for search engine optimization. With good documentation of your production’s content, building a list of key words for content-rich video descriptions is as simple as a entering CTRL+C with one hand and a mouse-click with the other. You can then simply highlight the content of your production’s word document, copy, and paste to populate your communications content. TagCrowd, a free visualization technology [link: Tagcrowd.com] allows you to paste text to instantaneously generate your content’s most relevant keywords. This shortcut can also be used to generate key words and phrases for in-file metadata optimization. Here’s a sample of the key words generated for this article:

Anchoring Video with Strong Content

Once you’ve created a detailed keyword list, optimized your metadata in-file with rich keyword content and written an obscenely thorough description of your video content, you want to make it easily discoverable for viewers and search engines. You achieve this by publishing your video with strong content anchors. For optimal VSEO (video search engine optimization) consider anchoring your media with a full transcript of your video separate from the video’s description and keyword list. Also be sure to specify the word “Video” in your video’s title and description to distinguish it from articles and websites on related topics without video.

These are simple measures you can take to manage and optimize the usability of the footage you shoot. Let us know what other best practices help you to manage creative assets in the comments below. What tools/resources do you use to create repurposeable content?

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