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The Wireless World on the Teredek Cube

Posted by Brad Spinsby on July 9, 2011


Advancing in technology today means making “less” of something. Camera technology is no different. It started by making the camera tape “less”, and now manufacturers strive to make the camera wire “less”. Teredek has created the Cube, which is an encoder and decoder that can transmit high definition footage through a local wireless connection. The Teredek Cube encoder and decoder pair, appropriately called the Cubelet, creates a point to point wireless network that enables streaming of compressed HD footage. Using H.264 High Profile Level 4.1 compression the Teredek Cube is able to transmit up to 1080p24 footage from the camera, using the encoder, to a wireless monitor or Wi-Fi enabled device like a tablet, using the decoder. For a location ENG crew wireless connection means the crew is not tethered to a monitor for a producer or client which enables more freedom.



The Teredek Cube decoder/encoder device can also be used as more than a just a wireless monitor transmission. Coupled with the Livestream application, footage can easily be web streamed through a Livestream.com channel over the internet. With Livestream capability a client in New York can instantly see what a freelance crew in Houston is shooting. This would allow the client to inform the crew of adjustments without having being present on location. The Teredek Cube’s portability and power consumption make this device applicable for any shooting environment. The Teredek cube is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs about 7 ounces. It will connect to any hot shot adapter and consumes less than 3 watts of power.



Coming in models that use both HDMI and HD-SDI inputs and outputs to wirelessly deliver Blu-ray quality high definition video the Teredek Cube can be used for streaming, switching, and monitoring applications with ease.



Have you used the Teredek Cube as a wireless monitor or for streaming? How was the ease of usage and functionality? Please share you feedback with us.


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