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Crews Control OpenReel: Rogue Content on Your Terms

Posted by Kim Moseman on January 15, 2019

We all love that gorgeous footage you can only get from a professional DP with the latest equipment…and we often cringe when viewing user-generated content that is expected to somehow match the quality of corporate brand standards.

But what if there was a solution that bridged those two categories?

Crews Control OpenReel helps you elevate the quality of your user-generated content.  Through a simple app interface, you can live direct and capture 4K footage remotely through any iPhone8 or newer version.

“Our clients who have multiple locations/divisions and create ‘rogue’ user-generated content are using Crews Control OpenReel to dive right into the process and manage the project during production, versus trying to fix it in post,” Crews Control President Andrea Keating said.

To expand your offerings to internal clients, Crews Control OpenReel allows you to service those clients who have lower production value shoots. “You don’t need to turn them away,” Keating said. “Offer Crews Control OpenReel as an option to grow your department’s reach, revenue and organizational value.”

crews control open reel Crews Control OpenReel

Bridge the gap between those ‘no budget’ shoots and industry-standard shoots with Crews Control OpenReel.  “When you have information hungry stakeholders or non-stop updates, it can be hard to budget for a professional crew to film every bit of social media or newsworthy content that needs to be covered,” Crews Control Production Manager Ashley Brook said.

Brook recalled a time where a client had an international conference and their board wanted a quick “blip” to show the representatives at the event.  “There was no way they had the time or budget to go and film 1,000 individual internal testimonials, so they had them all shoot a ‘selfie’ like video of their statement,” Brook said. “10,000 minutes of color correction, audio sweetening and angle re-jiggering later, they had their video.”

“If they had used Crews Control OpenReel, they could have directed the local reps to maybe ‘stand under the light’ or ‘film somewhere else aside from in front of a trash can’ and even adjusted the color, saturation and exposure from the comfort of their own office, saving them days of fixing it in post,” Brook said.

Crews Control OpenReel gives you that control of content shot by non-professionals.  It’s just like you are in the room; you will see the subject and they will see you. You are in control of when the record starts, stops, and even the exposure settings and the scrolling speed of the iPhone teleprompter screen.

Intrigued?  We’d love to show you how you can expand your department’s capabilities in a 20-minute demo.  Just let us know what time works for you by emailing us at education@crewscontrol.com.

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